Iyabo Ojo: “The First Time I Experienced Poverty Was When I Married My Ex-husband”



Iyabo Ojo The first time I experienced poverty was when I married my ex-husband.

In an interview with TV host Toke Makinwa on the show Toke Moments, she made this statement.

She claimed that she met her spouse when she was young and impressionable, and that her lover enticed her with his fictitious world.

Contrary to how he had presented himself, she had learned while they were dating that he was residing in a “Face-me-I-slap-you” home.

Iyabo Ojo claimed that because she had previously lived in luxury, it was only during this time that she learned what it was like to live in poverty.

She recalled having up to N100,000 as early as 1996, proving that she had never been in need.

Although her ex-husband had given her the attention she craved in order for her to enjoy him, she never got it.

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The girlfriend of Pauloo Okoye claimed that because her grandmother was one of the richest people in her day, she never had to deal with poverty before being married.

She saw her marriage to her ex-husband as an experience for her since she required attention at the time, which her ex-husband provided.

Iyabo acknowledged using a driver to get to school, being ignorant about NEPA’s past power blackouts, and having a trust fund established for her by her grandfather when she was 18 years old.

The actress continued by stating that her grandmother was among the wealthiest individuals of her era and that her ex-husband was the reason she first experienced poverty.

Because she had previously lived in luxury, she initially found living that life with her ex-boyfriend to be delightful and viewed it as an adventure. Iyabo asked people not to hold the wealthy responsible for not knowing the problems of the poor, since she was unaware that such homes existed until she got married.



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