Lady Sets Up Boyfriend With Her Friend, He Fails Twice



A twitter user has narrated on the platform on how a guy failed his girlfriend’s test twice.

The guy had been set up by the girlfriend with her friend and he fell for the plot and actually paid the other girl a visit only to meet his girlfriend at her place. Surprisingly, he fell into the same trap again with the same girl.


This my guy has just been dating this girl for 2 weeks, but last week he got a whatsap message from the gf’s friend. They started chatting, one thing led to another and the girl invited him over to her house

So my guy shows up to the house and his gf opens the door. He first tried to claim it was just a normal visit but his gf showed him the chat on her friend’s phone and told him she had planned the whole thing. The guy immediately knew he had casted and started begging.

He and gf started having issues, she was snobbing him and all that. During this period while he was having issues with the gf, the gf’s friend that was used to set him up had been trying to apologize to him, explaining that she didn’t really want to do it but her friend (the gf) forced her.

So early this week, he finally forgave the girl and they started talking normally again. Like play like play the girl invited him to her house. This guy went and met his girlfriend again

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