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Below is a narration from a lady about what she suffered in the hands of a serious woman beater. Yeah, it’s lengthy but worth the read for ladies who might want to avoid such circumstances.****

She shared on Twitter:

Guys I Wanna Expose A Serious Woman Beater As I Feel Like You London Females Need To Beware Of This Guy.

I’m kinda fully healed now I’m gonna talk up the tings because the past
5 Months Of my life have been hell on earth and I wouldn’t wish it on
my worst enemy.

Honestly.Soo basically let’s say 2016/17 I
started talking to this guy, I found him reallllyy good looking and he
seemed like cool beans so we got it poppin

After about 6ish
months of talking I realised that this guy was just not serious. Like
uno them guys one day you’re trappy, one day you’re fraud next day you
do music day after sports. I couldn’t keep up so I cut him off.So now
2018 were cool but I slyly think he’s a chief so I don’t really Bleep
with him the way I was fuckin with him before. He was a imagine guy very
proud thought he was the poo, I’m not like that so he was not even on
my shelf.

Fast forward to September, we’re talking regularly but
LITERALLY out of boredom. So October 1st now. He FaceTimes me like ‘oh
I’m in your area I wanna see you I’m gonna come to your house xyz’ I was
think nahh but he still came round.

Right. Went to go and
collect him from the high road as I was also getting a draw. This is the
first dispute. He Thought The Weed Was For ‘Us’ But It Was For Me. Lool
when I told him that he was offended so he got his own draw.

get to my crib now got ready to go sleep while he was smoking. At that
time I was renting a room and he was being VERY loud, doing loaddsss So I
Told Him To Chill Out. I’m not even exaggerating his loudest went from
100 to 75.

So I got on to him then went bedSo SK/Stephan Also
Went to sleep then in the morning I woke up early got dressed for work
while he was sleeping, built it then woke him up. When he wakes up he
‘demands’ the chip that he saw before he went sleep.

I said bro
that chip was mine and it’s in my spliff, but there’s a singles shop
down the road I can direct you to. He got dressed and I gave him the
directions and he left about 20mins before I did

When I’m walking
to the bus stop now I see Stephan standing waiting for me. Obviously I
was like wdf lol what you doing. He then asked me if we can go half’s on
a box of cigarettes cause I need chip and he wants gays so I said yh
that’s cool why not

Gave Stephan £3 as he had £5 and £8 is enough for chip right

he’s cigarettes of choice was £10. You don’t have £10 so I was like
‘just get b&h blue that’s £7.90’ then he got MAD And Was Like ‘ DONT
TELL ME WHERE MY MONEY GOES’ I was like skeen then walked out the shop
and left him with my £3.

Booked a Uber to work and waited
outside.Right. So he comes out the shop after arguing with boss man like
‘ITS ALL YOUR FAULT WHY I DONT HAVE gays’ I was lik ‘it’s not my fault
you got a habit you can’t afford
’Firstly I’ve never seen him pissed
or mad I didn’t even know he loved gays like that but anyway. He
SWITCHEDHe’s Still Shouting As My Uber Sayin ‘arriving soon’ When he’s
done shouting he’s like ‘DO YOU bleeping UNDERSTAND ME ??’ And I’m just
like erm okThis guy is a big 6 foot something ‘semi pro boxer’ I was
standing on his left, no lie he swung his whole body and right hooked me
right in my mouthHe punched a whole in my lip where my tooth was lodged

My bottom set of teeth were pushed to the web of my tongue.
They are permanently damaged and I now have a horrible gap AFTER 6 weeks
of braces.So obviously my family are FUMING and my mums got his number
and spoken to him. I come from a fam of females btw I can count my blood
males on one hand
Next morning now 7am he called MY MUM and said COME OUTSIDE.

I just heard her cussing and getting dressed.He started threatening me
and MY FAMILY Saying he’s gonna shot up the house if we don’t come
outside, and that I mustn’t snitch cause his boxing license would be
taken from him but he don’t care about jail cause he’s already been and
had the wing on smash etcMy grandma my mum and my lil sis uno where all
scared he’s making it seem like he was watching my house and he’s
loading his rings and whatever but he wasn’t there.

And that
point I was actually scared cause I thought he was hiding.Anyway he
carried on talking the hardest and at one point I was just soo scared
and so ashamed of myself I wanted to drop the charges but I though no.
No bitch. Get your self some justice this ain’t fair this ain’t your
portion go thru and Bleep the hood code.Word is that ‘I’m not the first
and I won’t be the last’ and after doing a proper crb IT WAS TRUE I
WASNT THE FIRST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I’m now left with a fake tooth that I
Because the punch damaged my whole gum like wdf. A gap tooth and a scar.



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