LAWMA Cautions Citizens From Using Unlicensed Waste Collectors.

LAWMA cautions citizens from using unlicensed waste collectors.

The Lagos State rubbish Management Authority has issued a warning to residents of the state not to use unlicensed rubbish collectors.

“We always advise residents not to patronize cart pushers,” the LAWMA representative added. They are not permitted to access our disposal sites because they are illegal in Lagos. They fill house C with what they take from house A.

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“Residents who patronize them spend their money to create environmental annoyances that effect everyone, not just them.

However, the LAWMA enforcement team has stopped this annoyance of cart pushers and will continue to watch this area to avoid a repetition. But keep in mind that locals are involved in all of this as well. We request that they call the LAWMA toll-free number for any service gaps and only use the designated Private Sector Partnership operators to pay their garbage bills.



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