Lifestyle:- Zimbabwean Man Murdered His Wife, Married Late Wife Elder Sister (photos) 



Zimbabwean Man Murdered His Wife, Married Late Wife Elder Sister (photos) 
According to hmetro magazine, UK based woman is not on talking terms with her daughter who is married to leader of the Zimbabwe Partnership for Prosperity (ZIPP) party accusing the pair of poisoning her young daughter.

Auxilia Josam, 53, says she is angry at her daughter Thelma Takaedza, 34, and son-in-law Blessing Kasiyamhuru for the death of her young daughter Alexis, who was Kasiyamhuru’s wife.

Kasiyamhuru and Alexis have a three and a half-year-old son, Malachi, and Blessing and Thelma got married just three months after the deceased’s death.

Blessing and Thelma have a four-month-old baby, Mordechai and they stay in South Africa.

According to Auxilia, who has been in UK for 18 years and failed to attend Alexis’ funeral after her death on March 14, 2016, Alexis was a promising and God-fearing child who, unlike Thelma, wanted to live in peace with others.

“Mwanangu, ndinonzwa kupererwa kuti ko Thelma akaita zvakadai sei. Thelma and Blessing poisoned my child for political gain because Kasiyamhuru is into rituals that demand that he sheds blood.

“When Alexis got sick, Thelma called me achinyepa that Alexis had malaria,” said Auxilia.

In her narrative, Auxilia said Thelma later said the reason why Alexis had fallen sick is because she had been poisoned by her aunt, one Mai Victor, who stays in Chinhoyi.

“Tete Mai Victor havana hutsinye! Thelma and Blessing killed my daughter. On the day she died, Thelma called me around 01:00Hrs achiti mwana afa and I asked what had happened. Information I got is that these people did not take Alexis to hospital when she consumed the poison they gave her, vaimuchengetera mumba instead of taking her to hospital.

“There has not been any post mortem that was carried out by the doctors and the whole family does not know what happened. Thelma and Blessing did not even want mourners to see Alexis’ body because she was now darker. My daughter was light in complexion,” she added.

The mother of two blamed her late husband’s brother Kurauone Takaedza who stays in St. Mary’s, Chitungwiza for accepting Thelma’s lobola three months after Alexis’ death.

Added Auxilia: “Muramu wangu Kurauone ndiye akatambira mari hanzi yeroora ra Thelma just three months after Alexis’ death. Shuwa ungaite mukwasha kaviri muimba imwe chete here?

“They were not supposed to receive the lobola, but it seems Kurauone was given money by Blessing. As I kept contacting Thelma and Blessing for answers, they were no longer responding to my messages that is why I resorted to sending messages on Blessing’s Facebook wall.”

Auxilia failed to attend Alexis’ funeral as she has not been to Zimbabwe for 18 years now because her papers have not been approved by Britain’s Home Office.

When H-Metro contacted Blessing to answer to the allegations, he said he was praying for his mother-in-law so that God forgives her of the malicious statements she is making.

Blessing further said he actually married Thelma after the recommendation of his mother-in-law for the sake of Malachi.

“I pray that the Lord forgives her because she is involved in the sharing of ignorance with people. What I know from the post-mortem is that doctors said Alexis died of cardiac arrest after suffering from malaria. She was my wife and I loved her so much. I was very close to both Alexis and Thelma.

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“We have no control over death as human beings,” said Blessing.

The ZIPP leader also gave a catalogue of Auxilia’s failures in life describing her as “a drunkard, failed and bitter mother who abandoned her children when they were young”.

“She is bitter. When Alexis was alive she used to say I long to see my mother because she was abandoned when she was young. She divorced Thelma’s father and from there had two other husbands. So, she has four children from three different men.

“What I did (marrying Thelma) was above board and I have nothing to hide. 



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