Low Income Earner? Top Secrets To Earn More Money



Is this really a secret? Hell No, it isn’t. It has only remained a secret because several people read and don’t implement it.

Just this morning we saw a post from hardworking people, who were comparing several freelancing platforms. The aim was to know which of them pays better. If you saw the post, you would be amazed at the amount ($500, $900) young guys were raking from the several platforms they found themselves.

It was a decision to become rich from earning foreign currency, and that decision became the driving force. Do you think there is actually a secret to earning more money as a low income earner?

Imagine a married man with kids, who teaches in a secondary school (no disrespect) and is being paid 50k monthly (Less than $200 people make in a day). What the heck can you achieve with such an amount?

Praying and fasting can’t help you; you have to work hard to increase your monthly paycheck. You might have been seeing posts like this, but I sincerely want you to take action today!!!

There are just two options for low-income earners to increase their monthly paycheck, so you rather choose wisely.

Look for a better job (Remain in the rat race)

This is a pretty tempting option, till you find it hard to secure another job, or in most cases fired from the new job you just got. You should know that getting another job is getting yourself tied up by another employer.

You won’t have plans for the future
No source of income aside from your job
Likely hood of losing your job (This is Nigeria)

Looking for and getting a better job automatically means that you now struggle to save some part of your income for rainy days.

But for how long are you going to save? 50 years I guess…

This isn’t the plan. Let us consider option 2

Get a side hustle (Financial Freedom in View)

When I was still working full-time for my employer, I had so much time at my disposal. I felt being paid 80k monthly was a sign of progress – but I was damn wrong. I was fired a few months later, with nothing to fall back on.

Dejected and depressed, I roamed the streets of Lagos in search of endless jobs – till I finally saw who changed my story for better – that’s a story for another day.

“Getting a side hustle is the wisest financial decision you can ever make”

If you aren’t business inclined but you wish to start something, then I suggest you try out an online business. It doesn’t interfere with your day job. While sitting on your desk (in your office), you can seamlessly operate your online business.

Working online is a trusted way of earning income online. It can serve as an alternative source of income, which can finally become your business empire.

There are several online businesses you can start, but it requires extensive practice and mentoring.

Every month I mentor a group of enthusiastic fellows who are willing to succeed in my own line of business. If you want to be a part, you’d see the steps at the end of the post.

Two of the most reliable online business options are;

As a freelancer, you don’t work for anybody. Just like the post I saw this morning, anything you are good at can fetch you money on a freelancing platform.

Do you know that you can be paid about $30 just to comment on blogs?

Unless you know, you don’t know. Platforms like Fiverr are making broke Nigerians millionaires every blessed day. It is either you join the train now, or you get lost while reading from people who only discourage others from progress.

Selling Information products
If you are good at something and you want to teach people how to do it, you can just create an informational product and sell to interested people.

Publishing on Amazon
This is the best cash cow since Adam. From writing just a single book, you would earn money for life. But you should also meet an expert to take you through the steps.

Affiliate Marketing

After I made almost half a million from this business, I knew it was time to show people my secrets. I can teach you because we aren’t competing. There are several products to market, so we aren’t competitors.

My only competitor is John Chow who bought a Lamborghini with the money he made from affiliate marketing.

There are several other business ideas that will help you make more money as a salary earner, but it is up to you to take charge of your life.

Now you’ve known the possible ways to earn more money as a low-income earner, what should be your next step?



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