Man Finds Out That His Wife Uses Her Urine As Special Recipe To Make Him Never Cheat On Her



Man Finds Out That His Wife Uses Her Urine As Special Recipe To Make Him Never Cheat On Her

A Nigerian man has shared a troubling story how he found out that his wife has been cooking with her urine for him after visiting a native doctor in order for him not to cheat on her.

A relationship expert, Cynthia Valerian Raphaels took to Facebook to share the man’s sad story and wrote:

“Madam good morning treat as urgent please, if possible post it this morning.

My wife has been using juju on me all these while. she left for a wedding yesterday . She was the person that made the cake at the wedding. When I woke up from sleep after she left, my children were all with me on my bed (13,11,8). So we all woke up crying for food. I went into the kitchen to get food for them. In my house, rat has always been my problem because of the gutters near us. So I try as much as I can to be dropping rat poison every night. So inside the kitchen, a rat ran across. I left what I was doing and pursued it, closed my kitchen door so it wont have chance to escape, it first ran under the sink, into the dustbin area and inside the cupboard. So I pursued it because the rat was a very big one. I followed it to the cupboard and started bringing out the spices , throwing everything down and came to a bottle, and in it was a yellowish watery substance. Inside it was some substance. That caught my attention that I forgot I was even chasing a rat. So I kept the stick I was holding and opened the container.

Madam the smell was choking. I started asking myself, what is that for, Inside the kitchen? I took the container inside my room and even the food I can’t to get for my kids, I told them to get into the car, let’s go eat outside. My wife came back around 6:02pm and I called her, brought out the bottle and asked her what is the content. I was watching the expression on her face and body language. She was shocked and instantly she denied knowing anything about it. I asked her, your own kitchen? What do you mean? She was quiet and I had to tell her that I will call our parish priest to come to the house and I will show him what I found in my kitchen and that I will take this bottle home to my parents as well.

She started crying, that I should forgive her, that she is sorry. That she did it for me not to cheat on her or have another woman. That her mother saw hell in her fathers hands. So her mother took her to a dibia who did some concoction with her urine and asked her to be cooking with it once in a week for me. That I won’t ever look at any other woman except her only. Her mother is late,died last three years ago. This is to show you how long they have been doing this. I now asked her, since her mother died, has she visited the man? She said yes. I am very weak and dumbfounded. It looks like a movie we watch, but this is happening in my house . What will I tell my children that is the reason their mother left? I don’t feel safe at all anymore. I went to put the substance in my car, locked it so she won’t get access to it and tell people that I am accusing her wrongly. We have not had a house help before. Her mother lived with us till she passed on.




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