Man Robs Bank To Buy Girlfriend Expensive Engagement Ring



 An Ohio man has been arrested for allegedly robbing two banks of thousands of dollars, which he is believed to have used to buy an engagement ring for his fiancée, police said.

On December 16, the man walked into a bank in the city of Trenton and handed a piece of paper to the teller that indicated he was wearing a bomb underneath his shirt and that he wanted $20,000 according to the police, but he left the bank with $8,800. Bank surveillance photos released by the police showed the suspect was wearing an orange cap, mirror sunglasses and a two-tone gray Columbia jacket.

On December 22, a man wearing the same jacket and hat robbed a second U.S. Bank after saying he had a bomb strapped to his body, police told the court.

The Police used their Facebook page to plead for the public’s assistance and after numerous tips, the suspect was identified as one Dustin Pedersen. They also found pictures on the suspect’s Facebook page that showed him wearing the same hat from both robberies.

Police also told the court that Pedersen proposed to his girlfriend a day after the December 16 bank robbery with a $4,500 engagement ring he bought less than an hour after he left the Trenton bank.

Pedersen appeared in court for a preliminary hearing, where police claimed they found the sunglasses, gloves and hat believed to be worn in the robberies in his car. The suspect denied robbing any banks, but told police that the surveillance photos of the robber do look like him



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