Man Spots Couple He Helped 3 Years Ago Begging On Same Issue (Photo)

A Nigerian man has taken to twitter to narrate a shocking experience he had on a Lagos highway. According to him, he encountered a couple three years back whom he assisted with some cash only to see them begging on same issue yesterday.

In his narration, he explained that the couple approached him in 2015 soliciting fior help on behalf of their dieing son who needed N75,000 for a medical emergency. He compassionately gave them N25,000.

He was however surprised to have spotted them three years later at another location begging for same cause.

He wrote on twitter:

3years ago I met this couples at Ikeja City Mall crying and begging me for alms that their sick baby is dying in the hospital and needed N75,000. I gave out N25,000 being sympathetic about the child. Today I met this same couples again with the same story line.

A followers in his reaction mentioned that he didn’t have to conclude they were begging for same cause

Oh! I see. In that case, you shouldn’t have concluded they were at the spot begging for alms using the same story they told you years back. Your assumption may be wrong.

He then responded saying:

I’m sure you’re not a Nigerian or a Lagosian, so wait till you encounter them. The driver of that Honda you’re seeing in the picture had to wind up to avoid their annoying attitude. I’d to pull over so I can confirm they were the ones and to be sure of what they where doing.


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