Meet The Top 10 Twitter Influencers In Nigeria 2020



Nigerians presently are having the most boring moments, no doubt.

While we all stay at home doing nothing during this lockdown, you can get yourself excited getting to know some gurus on Twitter who have been influencing people’s life.

These influencers make Social media (Twitter to be specific) fun and at the same time educative and in some cases helpful.

Meet the Top 10 Twitter Influencers in Nigeria 2020 (This list is in no particular order).

1. Mazi Ibe

A wonderful person in every sense of the word, Ibe Kenneth popularly known on Social Media as is a startup advisor to numerous companies in and out of Nigeria.

This Arsenal fan gets the social media expert seal of approval as far as we are concerned.

Ibe launched his media house named Ipissmedia few years ago and he has been able to cement his status as one of the very few media houses in Nigeria who doesn’t joke with the delivery of worthy publicity.

Popularly called by his social media handle, ThePamilerin has been able to help so many clients grow their social media presence as well as followers thereby resulting in improved revenue.

Brands like Airtel, GLO, Pepsi, Coca Cola, AdekunleGold and others have a secret weapon in Adegoke Pamilerin Emmanuel and his consulting firm (TheStateAgency), which comprises of the top social media influencers all across Nigeria.

Aprrko doctor is definitely one of the influencers you will love to follow on Twitter. The doctor is well known for giving various tips on health and how to live a healthy and sound life.

Gathering more than 200kFollowers, he’s well known on the street on Twitter.

He’s the Founder of DHealthyThreads on Twitter, an expert communicator and also an actor.

Another great influencer on the street of Twitter giving savage response back to back. He’s well known on Twitter like you know your favorite celeb.

Volqx has quickly become one of the top social media influencers on the web, most notably via Twitter. He’s been able to leverage his following to earn awesome income monthly for his company in a variety of ways.

Volqx is a music, tech man and love telling stories.

If you are looking for the king of savage on the street of twitter, Valking is the right page to follow.

Valking makes most of you fall in love with twitter, from rib-cracking tweets, speaking to selling merchandise, branded content, and more. He is well known on Twitter.

If you want to have fun on twitter, his follow button is the right one to click.

Chemical Brother is also one of the great minds on Twitter, you will love following him.

He dishes out various inspirational tweets that will leave you with no choice than to follow him.

An amazing personality with a lot of energy when it comes to pushing out contents on social media.

7. Queen Preshii

Queen Preshi is a sex educator on Twitter, dishing out various lessons about sex.

Preshii page is not just about sex, it’s entertainment at it’s peak, she’s one of the best female influencers we have around.

She has over 200k followers on twitter, if you want to educate yourself about sex, she’s the right handle.

Some call this guy the king of influencers. He is an experienced Social Media Expert, well vast in managing large scale social media channels and creating new engagement campaigns to raise awareness for products and services

The Edo boy is a good writer and one of the best on the street of Twitter. The self-acclaimed ghostwriter has more than 400k followers on twitter and still counting.

You should link up with him on Twitter, he’s good.

Well, apart from her beauty that attracts people to her page, she’s also a great influencer on Twitter.

She has been frequently involved in social media publicity of top brands in Nigeria and referenced by various media Brands.

She was one of the first set of influencers in Nigeria. Aunty Ada has over 190k followers on Twitter.

10. Alhaji Royz

Alhaji Royz is definitely one of the influencers you will love to follow on Twitter.
He’s a social media marketing expert, he’s also one of the few upcoming influencers but he has done well to be on the list.



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