Men Take Selfie After Surviving Fatal Accident That Killed 2 Passengers (Photos)



Men Take Selfie After Surviving Fatal Accident That Killed 2 Passengers (Photos)

A man identified as Vure Kingsley Ovonix is filled with thanks to God after surviving a fatal car accident which killed two people. The man who was traveling from Bayelsa state to Osun town on Tuesday, April 3 – revealed he was sleeping when the accident happened as he was awoken by the shout from other passengers.

He and another survivor who came out the crash alive and in good condition – took a selfie as they thanked God for sparing their lives.

Below is what Vure Kingsley Ovonix Snr shared on Facebook;

As Part Of My Hustling To Put Food On The Table Legitimately, On The 3rd Of April 2018 I Sailed Out of Yentown To Fulfil My Call To Attend A Program In Far Away West Of Nigeria Osun State To Be Precise, I Met An Ugly Scenario Along Benin-Lagos Express As Our Driver Over zealously Speed Beyond His Control Limit And Endangered Our Lives Just To Overtake, I Was Napping Though Never Saw It But Only Heard The Shout Of “JESUS”/

And Amazingly It Was A Ghastly Accident That Cost Two Lives But As Usual My God Despite My Swimming In Sin Still Mercifully Saved Me Again With Just Minor Bruises On My Forehead.

The Two Of Us Are The Only Passengers That Wasn’t Admitted In The Hospital, Join Me Glorify God For Sparing Our Lives, I’m Hale And Hearty As I’m Still Doing Great At The Program.

Thanks To My Wife For Standing By Me.#BabaGodTooMuch..




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