Military Officer Was Given A 3-Day Leave To Go And Enjoy With His Newly Wedded Wife, See What Happened (Here) 

He arrived home and realized that his wife was in her menstrual period! He had to send an SOS message to headquarters, requesting for an extension of his leave days. He prepared his message in the usual military coded language.

“Entertaining Photo”

He wrote:Soldier: Omega One, this is Omega Twelve. Danger on the field. Red in front. Leave extension requested. Do you read me? Red in front… passage not clear. Extend leave sir!!!

Headquarters replied:

This is Omega One. We read you loud and clear. The danger is minimal! Attack frm the back and resume immediately. Leave extension, denied! I repeat…. Attack with minimal force from the back and resume immediately… Way is clear from behind! Extension denied!


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