Mixed Reactions As Portable Is Seen Speaking With Caucasian Boys in Qatar

Portable, the street-hop sensation, continues to traverse the world with his wife Bewaji, storming the west Asian country of Qatar after vacationing in Ghana.

I Am A Celebrity, A Federal Government Liability – Portable Screams As Police Storm His Apartment To Arrest Him (Video)

The Zazoo star revealed his present location as Qatar on his Instagram profile, stating that he’s a star that doesn’t beg to shine.

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He released a series of videos with him with some Caucasian males who, based on their interaction, didn’t know who he was, so he told them he’s a billionaire singer from Nigeria.

Portable was seen teaching them how to say his nickname ‘Zazzo’ and his favorite line ‘Wahala Wahala Wahala’ during a funny interaction at the restaurant.

Some reactions below:

greatn_ess stated: “portable don teach this innocent children how to shout wahala Wahala”

real_berry__. commented: “You live here all your life….oh my God!”

razzyjo_to_the_world said: “I celebrate you today bro with all my heart …. Now wen u Dey alive … I no mind buy you two bottles today”

elisho_montana stated: “It’s zazu reminding them back to back that he got over 2millions followers for me”


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