Motivation:- The Future Tomorrow By Anonymous V. 



I remember my primary school days when teachers asked class prefects to write names of talkatives. There was this squad called ‘odeshi’; whenever names of talkatives were being written, that’s when they made the most noise.

This is because no matter how many times or how hard teacher caned them they would never scream or cry.

Their names were always at the top and always had double punishment or triple punishment attached.

The serious students on the other hand did not really make noise but sometimes just whispering to someone made them find their names on the list of talkatives .

When the teacher came for the list to cane, those ‘odeshi’; knew themselves so they would even not wait till their names were mentioned.

As the teacher begun to mention the names the serious student would hear his name and say “Oh Sir but i did not

talk?” Then the teacher would reply, “But how come your name is on the list?”

So by all means the serious student would be caned. 

It turned out that all those who were jumping about and disturbing the class end up being equal with those who just whispered.

This is how the end is going to be. 

Some people have sold their souls to the devil, they have signed contracts with hell, so won’t be surprised to see themselves there. 

With this kind of mentality they make sure they really enjoy life before their death.

But what about a believer? Beloved, what about you? Would you go

to church, sing, dance, play instruments, teach, preach, prophesy, lead choir, usher, pay huge offerings, pay all tithes, blow tongues, only to find yourself in hell?

Dont let the little sin you could have avoided lead you to hell…

Forgive others their sins as God has forgiven you. Make good use of your days on earth so that you can give a proper account to your MAKER.

Don’t let the whispering sin make you equal with hell racers…. 



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