“My Husband Didn’t Put His Sperm In My Food” – Delta Madam Banga Rice (Photos)



“My Husband Didn’t Put His Sperm In My Food” – Delta Madam Banga Rice (Photos)

A woman has been forced to speak out after a rumor spread far and wide few weeks ago, following a alleged confession made by her husband that he washes his sperm in her food to attract customers. The woman who is popularly known as madam Banga Rice and sells food at the Ojolu axis of Sapele area of Delta state – confirmed that her husband confessed to being a wizard but never said anything about influencing her food business….

Below is an interview she had with Sapele Olofofo Unugbragada conducted in Pidgin English.

A new twist emerged yesterday, after our studio carried out and exclusive investigation and interview in regards to the rumor making around.

Below is the excerpt from the interview:

Sou: Good morning Madam

Madam Banga Rice: Good morning my brother

Sou: Please ma, I be journalist and today I come ask you concerning the rumour when de go on for town, I hear say your husband confess say him de wash him sperm put inside your Banga rice when you de sell so that people go de rush am, madam this matter na true?

Madam Banga Rice: Well my brother, make I start with this parable;

“Na house wen fall de give goat privilege to stand and waka on top am”. My brother I nor lie you, na true say my husband leg de swell some months ago, so I con decide to find out, the places them wen I go, all de point hand say my husband hand nor clean, dem say him na wizard and the reason when make e leg swell up na because say him nor gree fulfil the vow when him make, him suppose offer him son as sacrifice so that all other wizards go eat, because him join eat other people own, but now him refuse to produce him eldest child for sacrifice, so na the suffer him de so

SOU: After you hear this kind matter, na wetin you con do ?

Madam Banga Rice: When I come house that day I con de pressure my husband make him talk the thing wen him put hand wen make him leg swell up, I nor sabi talk small small, when I ask am the thing, him con say him nor do anything, I con de provoke de shout, I con later go invite family elders, na when them come gather nai my husband con begin confess

But between him confession no time him take make any statement about my food aspect, all wetin dem tell me when I go find out, him confirm all of the things when dem tell me

 SOU: So you mean say the rumor na lie, Yes Sir, true my husband confess, but to say him put sperm and charms for my food that na lie We hear say after the incident you con stop to sell and come begin hawk fish, that na true

Madam Banga Rice: Yes, na true say I stop to cook for some weeks, I con begin hawk fish. I stop because my heart nor fit carry wetin my husband truely be, also the issue con make many of my customers stop to patronize me, but as my husband body done better back, through prayer, I con decide to start again, as you de see say I de sell so.

SOU: Na wetin be your message to your customers out there, because many still never believe say your husband hand clean for where your food de?

Madam Banga Rice: Well first I wan apologize to every body including people when de outside sapele, because I believe say the news don spread, I de appeal to them say make them nor ves and make dem forgive my husband. This Banga Rice work, I start an before I marry, so na genuine food, I de appeal to them make those wen de fear, say nothing of such de added.

SOU: I beg give me rice N100 with one meat, make I take press

Madam Banga Rice: Ok Sir, nai be this

SOU: You like the way when we take approach you and how you go rate this our work

Madam Banga Rice: Bros before now, I done de hear of you, I even de aware say for the last 3 years you de come this area de con see old men and women wen need help, you be nice person nai make you take the pain con look for me, na God go bless una well well

SOU: This your rice make sense o be like say you go give me extra

Madam Banga Rice: OK sir



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