My Wife Is A Bloody Cheat!!, I Need Advice On How To Tackle Her



My Wife Is A Bloody Cheat!!, I Need Advice On How To Tackle Her

My Wife Is A Bloody Cheat!!, I Need Advice On How To Tackle Her

My story is too long but let me try to summarize everything.

(I have been a member of Nairaland since 2009, but i just created this account to hide my identity)

I got married in the year 2000 and wedded in Dec 2001. Before the actual
wedding, my wife got a job in Abuja, where she stayed for one year
before our wedding and her joining me in Ibadan. During the cause of
that year, i have a friend who stays in Abuja that knows my wife very
well, who reported about my wife’s infidelity to me then, though i
ignored it.

In the year 2005, my wife confessed to me that she
committed adultery after our wedding. (She was actually about 2 months
pregnant in Feb 2002 when she sought my permission to visit her sister
in Lagos. I never knew that she actually visited one of her old boy
friends and spent 2 days with him).

I was down cast for some days when i heard her confession before i got back myself and forgave and forgot everything.

She later got a job which made her travel often, sometimes spending weeks
outside but i never suspected anything even though her boss, (A lady)
called me several times to complain about my wife’s behavior, which is
contrary to that of a married woman but i didn’t take her serious
because my wife always complained of the harshness of the woman. She
later lost the job and joined me in my business, but always going to
Lagos to buy jewelry, which she sells in Ibadan.

In the year 2014, i got some texts from a concerned fellow about how my wife have
been sleeping with his neighbor for over 2 years in Lagos. It happens
that the fellow knows us very well and didn’t want to cause any problem
in our marriage but the the acts became too much, he had to let me know.
When i confronted my wife with all the evidence and some dates, she
owned up and pleaded for forgiveness. She confessed that the affair
started when she was working for the lady i mentioned earlier and
anytime she travels to Lagos for her jewelry business, she always go and
sleep with the man. She promised to turn a new leaf.

In the year 2018, i discovered that she had been communicating with the same
man, to the extent that he even knew that my wife traveled to Owerri for
a wedding. I discovered that they had reconnected back and chats
always. When i confronted my wife, she said that they have nothing, just
chats, which i made her to stop (I don’t know if they actually

Before i married her, a man actually dumped her and
married her friend, 6 years earlier. The next boy friend left her and
traveled abroad for over 2 years, without any communication (before i
met and married her) but unfortunately, it didn’t work out for him and
he came back and discovered that shes married. He started pestering
her,pretending that he wanted to marry her, that he traveled to make
money for both of them, but been that she’s already married, she
introduced the man to her cousin and he married the cousin.

Now the issue is that my wife is flirting with her former boyfriends,
sending pornographic pictures and nude pictures with dirty chats. I used
to monitor her chat but to save myself from HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, i
stopped checking her phone.

My wife even told the one that dumped her for her friend that she still loves him so much. She also
tells the one that married her cousin the same thing and regrets that
distance is so much between them. (The one that married the cousin is
based in Kano while the one that married her friend is based in Abuja)
Whenever i confront her, she will deny anything serious but when she
sees my evidence, she will beg for forgiveness. My business is down and
she provides about 70% of the house up keep (She is a teacher). We have 4
children, the eldest being 17. I have been trying to sell my house or
land to reestablish my business but it has not been easy. My wife now
does as she like, even having male friends here in Ibadan and keeps too
much secret? What should i do.




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