Nigerian Boy Who Drew Kevin Hart Featured On American TV Show (Photos)



Nigerian Boy Who Drew Realistic Painting Of Kevin Hart, Finally Made It To Steve Harvey’s Show, Amazes Americans

has often been said that the gift of a person makes a way. This belief
has always proven to be true in many situations and the case of Eli
Waduba is no different. Eli is a young, talented Nigerian who hails from
Kaduna. This youth specialises in the art of drawing hyper-realistic
paintings which have been regarded over time as world class.

all his talent and prowess in making exquisite paintings, Eli has never
so much been recognised but all this changed when he drew a
hyper-realistic portrait of American actor and comedian Kevin Hart.

he would normally have done, the young Eli shared the beautiful
painting of the actor across his social media platforms. Then he asked
others to help retweet so that the Hollywood act could see it and
probably appreciate his handiwork.

Seeing the artistic beauty for
what it was, many people took to sharing the portrait and calling the
actor’s attention to it till finally he saw it. After seeing it, Kevin
Hart did not just acknowledge the portrait with a slight nod, he was
totally wowed by the work of art.

Given the fact that he was
totally impressed by Eli’s hyper-realistic painting of him, Kevin took
to his Twitter page to gush over the portrait in several tweets.

Nigerian boy was recently featured on Steve Tv and Americans were
really amazed with his works and since then, the boy have turned into an
international painter.


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