Nigerian Lady Narrates How Her Roommate Sold Her Out For Ritual



A Nigerian lady who reacted to the “O jewa ke eng” trend, narrated how her roommate sold her out for ritual in 2017 after they turned up for a girls’ night out.

According to the lady, her roommate who sold
her out for ritual to an internet fraudster who also raped her,
introduced him as her brother. Read the full tweet below;

roommate whom I loved with all of my heart,mind and soul sold me out to
be used for ritual….I still keep asking myself till date “What was the
price for my life ?” And the worse part is anytime I think about it….I
find myself still praying for her poo hurts

I’ll make a
thread…yes I am alive that’s why I can obviously tweet about it…. Please
y’all should follow me. Thanks So today I’ll be starting my thread.
.it’ll be long please bear with me…. But I hope you get to learn from
it…..God bless you. It started on the 5th of November 2017 when we all
decided to have a girls time out, we went swimming off campus (some
people came to pick us outside the school campus and took us to the
pool),my roommate Susan was their friend. When we got to there, she
introduced me to a dude

She told me that was her brother…we all
exchanged greetings and went to change to our swimwear. We had fun, the
“brother” got attracted to me and I liked him too, we connected and
decided to exchange numbers, I agreed and after we were done, we went
back to sch feeling happy

So this dude and I talk on fb messenger
and he calls too, he made me understand he and Susan are not related by
blood but they’re from neighboring communities and they attended the
same secondary school but my roommate was his senior in school… So he’s
been inviting me to come

Over to his place that since I didn’t
know there, Susan would bring me. On the 3rd of December 2017, I finally
decided to go visit him. Susan made me look nice, told me not to tell
my other roommates the truth about where we were going to, and she also
wanted to see her tailor

So I asked why but she said she just
doesn’t want anyone to know (I felt she didn’t want people to start
thinking and judging) so I agreed. Mirabel, my other roommate, kept
asking me where I was going to and I told her tailor’s place. So we left
school and went to his place.



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