Nigerian Navy Launches Falcon Eye Surveillance System

The Nigerian Navy which is the coastal branch of the Armed Forces is one of the strongest and largest navies in Africa as it is made up of thousands of men and women. The Nigerian Navy are charged with protecting the country against external threats originating from the water bodies as that is their preferred terrain of operation.

Just as with other Armed forces in the country, it has its headquarters in Abuja where the office of the Chief Of Naval Staff is located.

The Naval Headquarters has received a big boost as it launches a mass surveillance system known as the Falcon Eye Surveillance System.

The surveillance system will be operated from a command centre to help the Navy detect and pinpoint movements which will be towards improving the Nation’s security.

Surveillance can be described as the close observation of a territory or persons of interests for specific reasons. Nigeria shares maritime borders with other countries and such systems will really play vital roles in ensuring threats are detected and neutralized in a proactive manner.

The Vice President, Yemi Osibanjo was privileged to commission the new surveillance project on behalf of the President, Muhammadu Buhari.

The system is believed to be running on a numer of electro-optic systems and cameras which was made known via the Twitter handle of Defense News.

Below is a breakdown of the system’s capabilities and the importance of having such sophisticated system in the country;

Congratulations to the Nigerian Navy as they beef up their security architecture with the commissioning of the Falcon Eye Maritime Surveillance System.


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