Nigerian Style Influencer, Aderinola Odugbesan-Thomas Recounts Experience With Sanwo-Olu



Nigerian Style Influencer, Aderinola Odugbesan-Thomas Recounts Experience With Sanwo-Olu

If you are in Lagos, you have definitely heard of the All Progressive Congress (APC) candidate, Babatunde Sanwo-Olu. Now, to hear about him is one thing, to vote for him is another.

With the elections drawing to a close, Sanwo Olu has been actively campaigning to the youths, market women and even doing the usual publicity stunt such as becoming a barber, hairdresser and a mechanic.

Back to the story, Sanwo Olu appeared at the Social Media Week which coincidentally, she was also a panel speaker.

Right before her panel session, he walks up to her to have a conversation about why she should see him as a better option that the incumbent governor, Ambode Sanwo-Olu.

And the following ensued:

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Okay so this happened yesterday before my panel session at @smwlagos. I was sitting and having a conversation with my friend when @jidesanwoolu walks up to me and asks me if I attended his session, and I rolled my eyes and said NO ?, He asked why and I said I wasn’t interested in him or what he had to say, and then he asked why and this happened. . If you know me well, you probably know I take elections seriously and I follow politics ( well my snap chat Fam probably know). . Apparently I’ve been getting alot of messages from different people about how I came off as ‘RUDE’ and that I was sitting when he was standing, Excuse me, should I be kneeling down or I should have stood up? ??? Not that I care for your opinions though ?‍♀️.. . I think when we have an opportunity, we should be able to be honest and have serious conversations with those we put or those trying to be in office to govern us, because they are there to serve You and I. . It was a conversation of about 10 minutes and even though he was very defensive which I understand considering everything, I like him by 10% now, the remaining 90% he will have to earn IF he gets elected and actually proves me wrong. . Swipe left to watch different clips people got of our conversation ?, so that the conversation in your various whatsapp and Instagram groups would be sweeter ?. . Not sure if this would be a temporary post or permanent ?.. Enjoy… . . #derinfromisaleeko #stylefromisaleeko #derinodugbesanthomas #isaleekostyle #smw19 #smwlagos2019 #politics #elections

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If he will still remember her if he gets in, a few months will tell.



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