NWFL/LaLiga MOU Opens New Chapter For Women Football, Says Aisha Falode



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NWFL Chairperson, Aisha Falode (middle) and LaLiga Delegate in Nigeria, Javier Rio (left) during the endorsement of the MOU between NWFL and LaLiga…recently.

The new partnership between the Nigeria Women Football League (NWFL) and the Sports Association of the National Spanish Football Competition, LaLiga de Futbol Professional (LaLiga) is the beginning of a new era in the country’s women football development, NWFL chairperson, Aisha Falode has said.

NWFL and LaLiga recently endorsed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at promoting gender equality in sports through integration of women in football while encouraging access to sports management, education and the development of CSR activities.

Speaking on the latest development at the weekend, Falode said the strategic alliance and partnership with the world-renowned league (LaLiga) is timely as it is bound to speed up the development and growth of the game in the country.

“This is a very timely and important development for the NWFL and Nigeria women football as a whole. A strategic alliance and partnership with LaLiga, recognised as the world’s best league, is definitely a good step forward and in the right direction towards the growth and development of the women game in Nigeria.

“It’s a new dawn for women football in Nigeria, this is just the beginning of greater things to come for the NWFL as better days are fast approaching.

“With the long string of success of our women’s national teams in international competitions and their dominating status on the African continent (an achievement that is firmly rooted in the depth, quality and management of nation’s women league) this partnership will help us bridge the gap with the development of the game in the western world,” said Falode.

The LaLiga Women Football Director, Martina Olivas said the partnership with the NWFL is a firm demonstration of the LaLiga commitment towards lending a helping hand to women’s leagues across the globe to achieve their set goals.

“In LaLiga, we have a firm commitment to supporting the development of women football not only in Spain but also internationally as evidenced by agreements just like this one. We understand the growing strength of women football globally and we believe that this partnership will bring great benefits to both parties.

“A particular notable aspect of the partnership will include the exchange of football knowledge and experience between both parties. LaLiga will facilitate the development of television commercials for the women football division in Nigeria,” said Olivas.

LaLiga delegate in Nigeria, Javier Rio said the partnership is an affirmation of the office in Nigeria to encourage the development of the game in the country.

“This is a very important agreement for LaLiga and its office in Nigeria as it helps us to reaffirm our commitment on the development of football in the country. Women’s football in Nigeria is already a benchmark in Africa and internationally and we are pleased to be able to collaborate with a league that has this much potential.

“The MoU primarily borders around the sustainable development and growth of women’s football in Nigeria,” said Rio.

The kernel of the partnership is that the NWFL and LaLiga will participate in the sustainable growth and development of women´s football in Nigeria and Spain. The MoU will facilitate the establishment of channels of communication that permit the creation and exchange of information as well as technical, financial and institutional collaboration by means of the following actions:

The parties shall make its best efforts to exchange knowledge through the organisation of workshops, meetings, visits and conferences, among others, on different management areas.



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