Obaseki May Have No One To Fight For Him – Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah



Obaseki May Have No One To Fight For Him - Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah

After Fighting Everyone, Obaseki Now Has No One To Fight For Him; A Case Of Who Chop Belleful Must Hungry

Proverbs 20:3 Foolish people are always fighting, but avoiding quarrels will bring you honor.

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Reading the mouthpiece of the Edo State Government, Crusoe Osagie, whose name sounds like a cruise (Follow Follow without direction), accusing the former Governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole, of organising a meeting yesterday in Benin City on how to disrupt the coming Saturday elections with violence beats one’s imagination of how shameful and hypocritical a state government can stoop so low because of fear of losing its leadership to the people

Before we remind them that yesterday, Adams Oshiomhole was in Abuja at the International Conference Centre (ICC) to get his certificate of return as the senator-elect for Edo North, let’s question the “Cruise” Spokesperson what significance the PDP plays in the current situation in Edo State.

How did the PDP fare in the most recent elections when Oshiomhole was not in the news or accused of using touts? In addition to losing every seat they had previously held in the House of Representatives and the Senate, Governor Godwin Obaseki and his deputy Philip Shaibu were unable to win their respective units.

The clownish spokesman who struggles to raise his voice in defence of the State Government has evidently lost his own unit as well. So why should Comrade spend his time and energy meeting with touts to disrupt an election that the PDP is destined to lose?

Regrettably, Obaseki and his supporters have sunk to such low levels to insult Adams Oshiomhole in order to get support from the same Edo people who have rejected him.

Yesterday at the ICC in Abuja, we watched how Oshiomhole was celebrated and adored by Nigerians for his contribution to the growth of the common man, and same yesterday we also observed how Edo people chased Obaseki away from Uwelu market when he went for campaigns.

Of course, the distinction is obvious, and no interpretation is required to indicate that Obaseki has found himself in a boxed-in position that he has built with his own hands.

Obaseki has engaged in conflict with everyone, and today those who earlier defended him just because they mistakenly believed he was being bullied are no longer willing to do so since they themselves have declared war on him.

Do the people from whom he wants compassion need to be reminded of the fact that Obaseki was essentially plucked out of thin air by the APC and made a governor? Do they also need to be reminded of the fact that Obaseki assisted in the ouster of Adams Oshiomhole as the party’s national chairman?

Crusoe Osagie seems to have forgotten how Obaseki was infiltrated into the PDP through the back door after Nyesom Wike yelled that he was not a party to the Tax Collectors who had brutalized Edo State resources in order to grant Obaseki the governorship ticket on the PDP platform.

Crusoe Osagie has forgotten how Obaseki battled Chief Dan Orbih, Ogbeide Ihama, and the legacy PDP to a standstill and caused them to regret ever knowing Obaseki.

Abi na the quarrel with Nyesom Wike, person wey leave Rivers State relocate come Benin make sure say dem deliver Obaseki for 2020?

Crusoe quickly forgot how the populace hated Obaseki for bulldozing their lands and properties and leaving many people homeless.

Crusoe has forgotten how Obaseki began his conflict with Buhari, or was it the current conflict Obaseki engaged in with the populace by supporting the CBN’s pointless HOARDING of currency under the guise of a cashless policy?

Or is it the market women Obaseki promised to rebuild their markets and provide them with relief in the form of monetary donations to enable the traders who lost their products in the different infernos that devoured their market that he broke?

Crusoe Osagie, who clearly enjoys CRUISING without considering the circumstances around him, has easily forgotten how Obaseki laughed at the Obideints and boasted that they would run out of steam. Does he expect them to rally around him?

It is rather shameful that a Governor who the people thought should be allowed to finish his term in 2020 can now suddenly drop so low to raise concern over a supposed RETIRED Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole?

The person without people is the poorest person in the world; poverty is not solely a result of lacking resources like money or real estate. We refer to this as “poverty of the mind,” “poverty of ideas,” “poverty of talents,” “poverty of power,” “poverty of vision,” “poverty of success,” and several other terms.

The worst kind of poverty somebody may ever experience for themselves is the lack of a family and friends.

Friends and family are those who accept you, look out for you, assist you, respect you, believe in you, celebrate you, give you encouragement, stand by you, and pray for or with you. And love works in just that way.

Consequently, to be without people who love you is to be poor indeed! After fighting everyone, Obaseki now has no one to fight for him.

I recognise that we live in a blaming society. People would rather blame someone or something else for their suffering than accept responsibility for it and work to improve it. Your life is the result of your own actions. You only have yourself to blame.

Crusoe Osagie continues to “Cruise” and trade blame for the PDP’s rejection, which Obaseki and his deputy Philip Shaibu have thrown into public contempt.

According to Jeff Giltmore, blaming others for your troubles is like blaming a doughnut for being fat; it wasn’t the donut, it was the choice.

My people talk say who chop bellyful must still hungry.

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