Omashola Dated Kim Oprah Prior To ‘BBNaija All Stars’

Omashola dated Kim Oprah prior to 'BBNaija All Stars'

He thought back on his victory as the Head of House on Monday, August 4, 2023, and the conflict that resulted from Kim Oprah choosing him as her BFF. He said that when he chose Mercy, Ilebaye, Whitemoney, and Cee-C as his BFFs, Kim Oprah had a fit.

He said that he didn’t choose her as his BFF out of respect for his fiance. We had a ship, we even dated, but the ship sank,” he continued, claiming that he had dated Kim Oprah sometime between 2019 to 2020. I now have a son as a fiancé.

Although viewers are shocked by the news of Kim Oprah and Omashola, events can be linked to their time spent as housemates on BBNaija Pepper Dem season in 2019. The pair developed into a ship over that time, and they continued until 2020 following the show.

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However, Omashola stated that Kim Oprah was to blame for the breakup in 2020 during the reunion phase. He continued by saying that given that she was the one who ended things, his surprise at her anger regarding his BFF choices was understandable. According to him, “On the reunion, when Ebuka inquired as to what had become of Kimshola, she erupted, ‘No, there is no Kimshola.'” She merely pulled the cargo, not me scuttling the ship.

In a conversation with Cross, Pere, and Omashola on Monday, immediately following the eviction nominations, Kim Oprah voiced her displeasure with Omashola’s choice of BFF. Given that she had supported him during the HOH competition, she revealed how devastated she was.

Omashola was taken aback by Cross’s entrance as a new housemate, but she was most appreciative of their growing bond since it will help her feel less lonely on BBNaija All Stars.


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