Overcoming the power of stagnation By; Pastor Paul Oluyori

Text : Deuteronomy 1:6-7 “The Lord our God spake unto us in Horeb, saying, ye have dwelt long enough in this mount to Turn you, and take your journey”.

Stagnation is an evil satanic hold designed to prevent people from getting to where God has destined for them to be.

Stagnation is a major cause of frustration in life and it’s something you need to fight against. Our lives progress shouldn’t be low because we serve the God of speed.


I decree by the authority that cannot be stopped, every power or personality frustrating God’s effort in your life is hereby eliminated in Jesus name.

I decree every voice speaking against you at the edge of your blessings or advancement is hereby silence in Jesus name,  Amen… 

I decree your days of struggle are over, enter into your long awaited promise land, in Jesus name, Amen… 

Remain  blessed


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