Parents stop and read! 6 most proven strategies to help your child succeed as schools resume



More than 70% of parents won’t read this. But for the 30% that will there are several tips unknown to parents that can help boost your child’s academic prowess. As your child resumes school this new year take 5 minutes of your time to read these invaluable tips that can boost their performance.

If you made it here, you are among 3 out of 10 parents who continued reading, if you read this to the end, you would be 1 in 10 and if you apply this, you would be 1 in 20 parents and have learnt useful strategies to see your child off to a very successful term:

1. Let them teach you what they learnt at school: This particular tip is highly researched. Students spend 8 hours at school simply learning, listening and interacting. The Learning Pyramid in the 1960s by the NTL Institute in Bethel shows that learners remember:

“5% of what they learn when they have learned from lecture.”

But the same learners remember:

90% of what they learn when they teach someone else/use immediately.


Amazing right? So get your child to teach you what he learnt in class. Spend time just listening and “learning” from him/her and working through exercises, asking questions or dialoguing on the subject.

2. Use of flash cards – Flash cards are simple, versatile, yet often underexploited resource. It works well for visual learners especially for those within the reading age. This is a great way to present, practise and recycle vocabulary to help children get familiar with words.


3. Use of mnemonics- The use of Mnemonics is an interesting approach to learning as they are memory tools, especially helpful for non-mathematical subject. It could be a phrase or a short song that children can use to remember something like MR. NIGER D


4. Incorporation of brain enhancing activities – There are series of activities that have proven to help improve children’s IQ. Good examples are board games, craft learning and musical instruments.


5. Use of swift maths tricks– This is a very effective way to aid fast calculations while also making your child appear to be a genius thus building their self-confidence and often building their curiosity in maths. See this Maths trick


6. Get a home tutor in Lagos – This is by far one of the most effective ways to help your child succeed. US department of education recently reported that:

  • Over the past 10 years, one-on-one tutoring has had the strongest positive effect on reading scores for elementary school students.
  • Tutored students show greater school attendance.
  • Students receiving at least four hours of tutoring per week showed a six-month gain in reading and a two-year gain in math.
  • Tutored students performed higher on standardized test scores in the areas of mathematics and language arts.
  • Tutored students reported an increase in confidence and an improved attitude towards education.

The great thing about getting a professional tutor is they can easily help you with all the strategies mentioned above, because the truth is very few parents can afford to spend 2 hours learning from their kids every day of the week.

Even if you are outside of Lagos, You can get a tutor in Abuja or get a tutor in Port Harcourt.

Anyone can work as a tutor but it’s an expensive investment to commit to novices. Prepclass NG Limited is Nigeria’s biggest tutoring firm with a database of over 20,000 tutors to choose from and more 1000 happy families who have worked with us.

We only work with the best and most experienced tutors that have worked with children at all levels with various academic needs only for them to become more sound, inspired and ready for the new term.

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