Payments For Isle Of Man Hosts Of Ukrainian Families Could Rise



Payments to people who have provided a home for Ukrainian refugees on the Isle of Man could be doubled, if Tynwald backs proposed changes.

Updates to the Isle of Man Homes for Ukraine Scheme would see hosts receive £480 per month after six months, up from the current £240.

But, no new funding applications would be accepted after 31 March, and the scheme would be closed a year later.

The government also plans to donate £100,000 to humanitarian aid efforts.

More than 100 Ukrainian refugees have been supported by Manx households, but the Cabinet Office said there had been a “significant decrease” in the number of people needing support via the scheme.

Proposed changes would see monthly payments double from £240 to £480 to hosts who had provided accommodation for at least six months, increasing the maximum payment over a 12-month period to £4,320.

This, the Cabinet Office said, would encourage hosting beyond the minimum six-month period.

The Treasury agreed £177,842 previously allocated to the Ukraine Support team could be carried forward to secure the scheme.

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Humanitarian aid

While no new funding applications would be accepted after 31 March, a government spokesman Ukrainian nationals could still come to the Isle of Man.

“Government will continue to support both hosts and guests in terms of safeguarding, DBS checks, advice and signposting,” he added.

Changes will be considered by politicians during the March sitting of Tynwald and, if approved, would come into effect on 1 April 2023.

Cabinet Office Minister, Kate Lord-Brennan thanked island hosts for continuing to “play such an important role on behalf of our community”.

The Isle of Man Government has also pledged to donate £100,000 to the Ukrainian Embassy’s appeal, which is providing humanitarian relief.

Ms Lord-Brennan said it was supporting the ongoing effort to help those impacted by the war in Ukraine was “crucial”.

Source – BBC News



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