Photos Of Africans Learning How To Climb Buildings After Migrant Rescued Toddler

Some Africans including Nigerians have taken to social media to show their funny sides after the Malian migrant who scaled four-storeys up a building in Paris, France to rescue a dangling toddler became an online sensation. Pictures trending on Facebook show some unidentified Africans jokingly trying to learn how to climb buildings in case the need arises for them to become famous.

Mamoudou Gassama who was nicknamed the Spiderman of Paris – climbed the city apartment block to reach the helpless child.

The gesture earned him honorary French citizenship after meeting with the president, Emmanuel Macron and also a job with the Paris fire service.

After meeting the French president at the Elysee Palace on Monday morning, he was told he would be made a naturalised citizen straight away.


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