Power Minister Describes How A Fire Led To A National Blackout



Power minister describes how a fire led to a national blackout

According to reports, the grid completely shut down at 12:40 a.m., severely disrupting the nation’s power distribution system.

However, the minister provided specifics about what caused the event in a Facebook post on Thursday. He said the blackout was brought on by a fire outbreak at Kainji/Jebba, which is located in the North-central.

“A fire outbreak with explosion sound was observed on Kainji/Jebba 330kV line 2 (Cct K2J) at 00:35 this morning, according to Adelabu. Blue phase CVT and Blue phase line Isolator of Kainji/Jebba 330kV line 1 were also seen burning. This caused a Jebba generation loss of 356.63MW and abrupt frequency reductions from 50.29 Hz to 49.67 Hz at 0:35:06 Hours.

Kainji began reducing its load from 451.45 MW to zero at 00:35:07 hours. The frequency continued to decline from 49.37 Hz to 48.41 Hz at 00:41 hours, which caused the grid to collapse.

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“Swift restoration is happening, and we have control of the issue. Over half of the connections are already operational, and the remaining connections will soon be entirely restored after the fire has been completely put out.

“I sincerely thank everyone who responded or voiced their concerns through the various channels, as well as the team of engineers, for their quick reaction to the crisis and the work they have done thus far. Let’s finish the restoration as quickly as we can.

“The delay in the update was intentional to avoid spreading alarm and to provide an update on the effectiveness of the corrective measures already taken.

This is done to make sure that economic and security saboteurs don’t exploit every incident that is reported.



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