Pretty Lady Catches Boyfriend Cheating After He Lied Of Being Sick



– A young lady identified as chubby_ (@zaya_jag) has taken to the social media platform to narrate how she caught her boyfriend cheating

– According to her, he claimed he had a headache and couldn’t step out but she eventually saw him hanging out with another woman

– Although Zaya seems heartbroken and disappointed in her boyfriend, the reactions on Twitter was rather hilarious

Getting cheated on might not be the worst thing to ever happen to someone but it definitely hurts and transcends the physical effects. While others are quick to move on from the sad experience, not so many are strong enough. A young lady identified simply as Zaya took to her Twitter account to narrate how she caught her boyfriend cheating on her with another woman and from the look of things, she seems to have given up on the relationship. Hurt and heartbroken, she tweeted: “My boo said he’s down with a headache that we can’t see all for me to come to dominos and saw him with another hot Bebe and nigga was using his P-cap to cover his face thank you 2017 ✌✌”

There were a lot of reactions from people on Twitter, most of which were rather hilarious.

Well from the look of things, it appears Zaya may not be sad for too long as many eager young men have expressed their desire to soothe her pain.




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