Scots Couple Wed, Ditch Clothes And Invite Island Goat As Only Guest



A loved up Scots couple who tied the knot on a remote beach became the talk of the island after having a random pet goat as their only guest.

Neil and Corrie Gren didn’t want the fuss of a typical wedding and decided to elope to the Isle of Jura for a more intimate ceremony.

The newlyweds, who got together around two years ago, jumped on two ferries and travelled over to the Inner Hebrides from their home in North Ayrshire, on July 20.

Bodybuilder Corrie, 43, ditched the traditional white dress in favour of a skimpy show bikini while powerlifter Neil, 40, donned his finest kilt.

Corrie asked a designer to create a sequenced wedding bikini that cost her more than £200 for her big day.

Registrar Heather Cameron had arranged for their special guest – a goat named Raymond – to be present alongside two witnesses for the nuptials.

The only guest at the couple’s ceremony was a random goat
Joiner Neil, who is originally from Dumbarton, said: “Apparently we were the talk of the island. It’s just the way me and my wife are. We like to be very different.

“We wanted to get married because we’re in love and didn’t want to really share it with anybody. We didn’t want the big flash wedding, we just wanted it to be us on a nice beach.

We didn’t know the weather was going to be like this way back in February when we booked it so we just got very, very lucky.

“I called Heather, the registrar on Jura, and I explained what we wanted to do. I told her I was just going to be wearing a kilt and Corrie would be in a stage bikini.

Registrar Heather Cameron conducted the picturesque wedding

Neil went bare-chested to tie the knot, while Corrie wore a skimpy bikini
“We wanted something a bit different so we decided we’d like to have a goat at the wedding too.

“Once she stopped laughing down the phone, she said it sounded brilliant and to leave it with her.

“We drove across on the day, jumped on the two ferries and got married. We came back down the road and stayed at Loch Fyne for the night.

“We just like to do things our way, a bit different from normal. We don’t like being like sheep by copying everyone else. So we got a goat. His name is Raymond and he belongs to a girl on the island.

“One of the things people keep asking us is ‘why a goat?’ And that’s exactly why. Because it makes people ask the question.

Raymond belongs to a woman who lives on the island
“When you see the pictures, you could be mistaken for thinking we’re in Spain or something with the trees in the background. It was lovely. Everything just fell into place. The day was perfect.”

Corrie told the Record: “It was just picture perfect in so many ways. The weather helped tremendously.

“We originally wanted to go to Miami and get married on the beach and then go to the gym as soon as we got married but then Covid hit.

“Eventually we thought why should we let Covid ruin our plans?”

She added: “The goat was so great,” she said. “I love goats and I just thought it would be something really, really different.

“I just got back to work today and the guys had bought be a baby cuddly toy goat.”

Corrie said she was determined to avoid the pressure that so often comes with planning a modern day wedding.

She said: “I don’t like to be like everybody else and I like to do things that nobody else has done before.

“I think so often now people have big weddings for the show and the Instagram pictures and I just thought right I doing this with no hair, no make-up.

“I was going to go to Morrisons and buy a bouquet of flowers there and my friend said please let me get you a proper bouquet of flowers so that was the only thing I allowed.”

The couple took two ferries to get married on the Isle of Jura
Corrie and Neil hope they can fulfil the wish of going to Miami soon but say they now appreciate the beauty of Scotland more than ever.

“We want to go on a nice honeymoon but it’s the unknown at the moment,” said Corrie.

“To be honest I now think if we get better weather I would love to explore Scotland more too.”

The husband and wife fitness fanatics first met in September 2019 at the gym. They soon fell in love and have affectionately become known as ‘team chocolate’ to their pals.

Neil explained: “We obviously take care of ourselves – I’m a powerlifter and she’s a bodybuilder – hence getting married in the kilt and the bikini.

“We work hard and we know we look good so we like to play on it a wee bit by calling ourselves ‘Team Chocolate’. It’s just a bit tongue-in-cheek. But everyone knows us as that now.

“We’ve been together for just under two years. We met each other through fitness in the gym and fell in love.

“I’m the male version of Corrie and she’s the female version of me which is why we get along so well. We just click.”

Source:- Dailyrecord



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