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Who is a good blogger?
The most imperative distinction is that being a good blogger isn’t the same thing as being a good author or writer. Writing is just a single activity – you take an idea, and compose an article around it.

Blogging includes significantly more elements. Aside from writing.

1. Bloggers need to network with other bloggers

2. Master the specialty of online marketing, promotion, and social media.

3. Provide brand building

4. Attract new subscribers and followers

5. Have some business prudence and have the ability to turn pro/master sooner or later

6. They need to figure out how to make things happen

7. Manage their own work and time, and a whole lot more

Considering all this, there are signs that you are NOT a good blogger.

#1. You’re not publishing regularly

This is extremely fundamental, however a few people still overlook that publishing frequently is, very essentially, your primary task as a blogger.

If you don’t regularly publish, people will forget about what’s going on with your blog.

#2. You’re not managing your time properly

Time management may seem like something only people stacked with extreme amount of work need. However it is not the case.

Whatever your career is, and whatever you are doing, you can use a time management system always to make you much more effective.

#3. You have no blogging friends

Bloggers who try to get things going a lone will have a lot of harder time making progress. Building a network of contacts and using it for different reasons is a lot better approach.

Here are some of the possible advantages:

# you can email your blogging friends informing them about new post of yours,

# you can partake in joint ventures,

# also you can promote each other on various occasions,

# they may help you to get guest posting spots on other sites,

# you can have guest posts from them,

# you can promote each other’s products as affiliates, and substantially more.

#4. No one contacts you with freelance writing opportunities

In case you are a good blogger, odds are that some people will notice and contact you with new opportunities. The most obvious job for a blogger is a freelance writing task or something to that affect.

In case you’re inside a well-known or popular niche, you ought to get offers like that once in a while. However, if there aren’t any, then you’re not as good as you possibly think.

#5. You don’t know what SEO is

I’m very sorry, but good blogging has a ton to do with SEO. Good bloggers acknowledge this fact and try to make the most out of it.

Bad bloggers may think that SEO isn’t important and that content is the king. From my viewpoint, there’s no reason for providing extraordinary content in case you will do nothing to promote it in the search engines.

#6. You don’t know what your most popular articles are

This one is tied in with knowing your audience and staying aware of what’s happening on your own blog. If you don’t know what your most popular content is then how are you going to create a lot of it?

That is to say, there’s little or no point in publishing posts just for the sake of publishing.

#7. You have no plan for your blog’s nearest future

Bad bloggers are usually running around like a chicken that its head is cut off. Keep in mind that you are a blogger long term (at least that’s what I assumed).

So you should have a plan for your blog, or otherwise your success will be a significantly less predictable.

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