Stephanie Ghaida: Meet Lebanese Singer, Wants To Build Music Career In Nigeria 

Nigerians have got no chill at all, so A female Lebanese singer, Stephanie Ghaida released her new song, Hayaya and shot the music video using a typical Nigerian setting, The singer who is currently based in Lagos, just after she released her single, she decided to thank her fans and friends who sent their positive response, she went on to reveal her plans of starting and establishing herself in the Nigerian music industry.

Stephanie, however revealed that she was probably going to face serious problems in order to make it in the Industry, she stated her gender and skin color as a barrier.

She wrote:

“Thank you so much for your advice guys, Few days ago I dropped my third single HAYAYA here. I got lots of positive vibes from your comments and they have been of great help to me emotionally and otherwise, but someone made a comment that it will be difficult for me to build a successful music career in NIgeria, first because I am Lady and secondly because of my colour. What’s your opinion about this?”

Yes! She would probably have to sleep her way to prominence in Nigeria as a couple of Upcoming Artiste has revealed what’s currently going on in the music industry.

JoelsBlog reached out to Stephanie Ghaida on Instagram, and when she was asked hwt her relationship was with Nigeria and why she see’s the Nigerian Music industry as a platform to to establish her self… She Ignored.

The Opinions of other Nigerians will probably leave you in stitches as they plainly told her she won’t fit into the Nigeria music industry, An IG user told her,

“Dear Oyinbo girl, Nigeria is in a state of BureBjre, Snake swallow #36million, No light because you go black, yoruba demons every where… Pls you cannot cope hia”
Some Nigerians tagged her an attention seeker and opportunist, seeing that the Nigerian Music industry is slowly gaining Global Recognition she wants to come and blow using our platform.

This most annoying thing in this issue is that the Nigerian Celebrities are all over her… Giving her support and back up…the big question is how many of our upcoming Artiste have they helped? This is just Adding to the stupidity of Lagos Run festival a foreign went away with $50, 000,when are we going to Ever appreciate…


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