[STORY]:- The Blind Alley – Episode 25

[STORY]:- The Blind Alley – Episode 25

Right there infront of the Rector, we sat confused and dejected.
I had this feelings mama had wanted to divulge the whole problem to him from her unsettled disposition.

Although i didn’t know what to do but allowing mama to say anything about my plight to the Rector would further exacerbate the problem at hand.

I thought for a while what to do but couldn’t remember any as my confusion heightened.

The Rector immediately noticed how unsettled we were when we were told Semi had travelled and was evidently concerned.

He suggested we tried reaching him on his phone, maybe, he would tell us how to meet up with him or when he would possibly be returning back to the school.

Eiyaaaa….. I could feel how innocently helpful he was trying to be to us but unfortunately, that was very far from offering an immediate solution to us considering the fact that i did not have his phone number.

I immediately summoned courage and told him we would call him on his phone as I tapped mama to get up so we would leave.

With face full of smiles, he thanked us and asked us to bow down our head for his blessings….. He prayed fervently for us.

We left the Rector’s office without knowing what else to do or where else to go. Evidently, we had paucity of options.

Just like a flash, i remembered Chimezie his cousin. I didn’t have his contact but i was sure I could still remember how we got to his house that fateful day.

Mama was already drenched in the pool of her own tears…..

I wasn’t crying any longer. Some sorts of strange strength engulfed me.

“Maybe, the prayers of the Rector was already working in me,”i thought for a while.

“Mama,” let’s try his cousin’s house, i’m sure he would know how to reach him, ‘i suggested.

“His cousin?,” she asked me in a perplexed tone looking quite surprised that I even knew his cousin’s house.

She grimaced….

“Yes mama, i know his cousin Chimezie, i had been to his house once,” i told mama as we walked out of Bro. Mathew’s school quite disappointed.

I quickly flagged down a cab same way and place we did it on the day we visited Chimezie’s House. I prayed silently i still remember the direction to his house.

It was already 2:30 pm and there wasn’t anyway chimezie would be at home by such time considering the time bank staff close from work.


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Fortunately, we were able to locate his house without much difficulty. I am really very good with being attentive to details, i barely forget the directions to a place i had visited once.

Just as i did envisage, he wasn’t home when we got to his house. At least, i believed something good would come out of this Jerusalem…

Mama and I quietly sat at the plastic chair at his corridor prayerfully waiting and wishing he returned early enough.

Sitting there with mama, i became nostalgic. I started remembering how it was the very day i came there with Bro. Mathew.

It was really at same spot that we sat, drenched and so fervent in each other’s arm…… It was so fresh on my memory.

I couldn’t help but dish out a smile right within my heart.

Mama became apprehensive as it got darker, it was already 6:15pm. She asked if i was sure we were at the right place as there wasn’t any sign the occupant of that house was coming back anytime sooner.

I reassured her we were at the right place.

My fear wasn’t if i missed the direction but if chimezie would still return so late like he did the first day i visited.

We were already so tired and famished.

As i tried stepping out to see if i would buy something for us to eat, i saw Chimezie’s car approaching.

I stayed back, quite relieved..

“Thank God, “i muttered.

Chimezie was so happy to see me as he hugged me so tight.

“Chimee” ….”Meet my mama,” i introduced mama to him as he stretched his hand to greet her.

Wow….!!! Welcome to my home he cheerfully ushered us in.

Without wasting much time, i asked him about Bro. Semi’s way about. He seemed surprised with my question as he shrugged.

” Haba, hope all is fine?,” he asked.

“Don’t you have his phone number anymore?, “he queried further.

“I lost my phone and couldn’t have his number any longer upon retrieval of my SIM,” again i lied.

I could see how mama looked at me but I cared less after all.

Chimee brought his phone and called out Semi’s number to me.

I quickly dialed it and it went through. ……

“Hellooo!!! Who’s this? ,” he asked over the phone.

“Bro. Mathew, this is Me,… Obiọma,” i replied.

His elation could be felt on the phone…

His deafening shout over the phone showed how much he missed and probably wanted to hear from me.

“Obiọma, where on earth are you?

“I have been trying to reach you on the phone but it never went through,” he continued in his exhilarating tone.

I ignored the question and asked where he was……

“Please, how do i see you now?, it’s a mater of life and death”,i cut his vivacious mood short with my precarious statement .

He paused momentarily as he asked in a rather low tone.. .

“What’s the problem Obioma?

” When we see, we would talk,”i told him as my heart kept pumping even faster.

” Ok, i’m currently not feeling too fine, thus i travelled home to my village, he said as he described  his village address to me.

It was obvious we wouldn’t be making it to Agulu, his home town as it was already very late.

Chimezie suggested we passed the night in his house.

With little or no other option left, we grabbed the offer with both hands.


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