[STORY]:- The Rise And Fall Of Derico ”Nwa-Mama” ( True Life Story ) – Episode 2

[STORY]:- The Rise And Fall Of Derico ”Nwa-Mama” ( True Life Story ) – Episode 2


Chiejina’s ferocity was the anthem , he was so invincible and obviously untouchable as he flamboyantly grew in terror .

Chiejina reportedly forced families to have incest in front of him for his own amusement. He forced Fathers to sleep with their daughters and Mothers to sleep with their sons, Refusal meant death!…..you dare not refuse to comply..

Derico and Chiejina were very good friends at that time and also colleagues in the Armed Robbery Business, friendship that started during the famous Umuleri/Aguleri War.

Derico was not based in Onitsha as at then, he was based in Abuja, the Federal Capital territory and only visited the east from time to time to carry out his robbery operations with maximum terror…

After raining a torrent of bullets and gunfire upon the hapless and ill-equipped officers of the Nigerian Police and defenceless Nigerians, he would speed back to his safe haven, with his loot, safe on the laps of power, luxury and comfort.




But according to reports,”wahala” started in November 1999, when the then Obi Of Onitsha, HRH Obi Ofala Okagbue rallied Onitsha-Ado Youths to help curb the ever rising Crime in the City to enable indigenes who ran away to return for the Christmas Celebration of that year…

Ado youths then sat together with some of the notorious armed robbers to know how to settle them and have peace return to the City of Onitsha…
Chiejina and Derico were present in the meeting!…..yes, you heard me right ,the two bandits were there and even acquiesced to the proceedings.

But after the meeting, it was as if chiejina only came to the meeting to have fun or probably to know the plans they had for them in the ill-fated peace move. The deadly Chiejina refused to stand down, infact he attacked some members of the Ado Youth and became even more Ruthless in the entire State!

Ado Youths sought the help of his bossom friend, Derico but it didn’t yield much fruit, so they decided to give him a taste of his own medicine!

They liaised with Derico and some special Police Officers to raid Chiejina and his gang. The Operation was not totally successful because Chiejina was not present at the time but members of his gang were rounded up and sent to The Central Police Station, Onitsha.

When Chiejina learnt what happened, he felt betrayed by his bossom friend, Derico, and without thinking about the consequences, called on his right hand man who also doubled as his bike man, Amobi, to take him straight to Derico’s parent’s house.

On getting there, he met Derico’s father lying on a wooden bench infront of his compound receiving some cool breeze. Chiejina and his boy ,Amobi quickly jumped down and decorated the man with lots of bullets without blinking twice !!!….

To be continued !!!

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