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The Accident BY …Adenike Adegoke

The Accident BY …Adenike Adegoke

My driver has an afro and he carries a comb around and combs it every 5 minutes and i used to wonder in my heart how a human being can be so vain and i occasionally tease him about his vanity .

Today I started teasing him again and in his quiet manner he said Aunty its not shakara. I had a terrible accidènt and out of 70 passengers I survived . One minute he was asleep in a bus the next time he opened his eyes was at the General hospital and so he had to grow the hair to cover the scars and he constantly combs it because his hair is stubborn and gives him a head ache and the the scars ache.

I learnt a valuable lesson today about judging people but that is a story for another day .

As he spoke I remembered a near fatal accident that happened during my many back and forth on the ibadan Lagos route through Ijebu Ode .

On this faithful day i got to iwo road and just as I was about to board the bus I had this funny feeling not to travel and i called my Big sis and she told me to go back home and not bother travelling but I was missing home and i decided to travel despite my uneasy feeling .

I got into a bus and just as we left ibadan it started raining heavily and the rain was so heavy that some cars parked and others practically crawled . Suddenly this vehicle lost control and the next thing we heard was a loud bang from behind and our bus went off the road and started sliding down heading straight for a big ditch just as the bus was about to fall headlong into the ditch the driver managed to turn the steering and we ran into this huge tree .

One minute the bus was full the next minute I looked round and i was the only person left in the bus as immediately the bus stopped everyone had practically flown out of the bus through all available openings .

Three critical things flashed through my mind that i was yet to accomplish as I saw death staring me in the face.

1. I had never done a Sub on FB. You know that kind of sub that uncle Mark will induct you into the hall of Fame and give you free data for the rest of your life .

2. So I will never get to wear show me your back and do pepper them gang and torment my Henemies .

3. I will not do my complete quota of ikworikwo on this earth.

These thoughts motivated my legs into jumping out of the window and finding my way to the side of the road and as we stood there in the rain shivering a bus finally stopped and all the passengers got into this new bus.

Throughout the journey the driver was very restless and kept picking calls and was very distracted. Before we could say jack robinson he lost control and the screams that filled the bus with people praying to different deities .

At this point I was 100% sure that someone In the bus was being chased by village people because haba 2 accidents in less than an hour and i started looking round suspiciously wondering who.

We finally got to lagos and i took a bike to get home and just as I was about to get home the bike man lost control and we both almost ended on the floor.

I quietly got off the bike , paid him his compete money and walked the rest of the way home with my Box on my head .

And once again the plan of the enemy to reduce my bride price failed .

The End


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Posted by:- on October 12, 2018.

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