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The Dilemma II BY …Lanre Oyenuga

The Dilemma II BY …Lanre Oyenuga

It’s over a month since Dotun and Grace’s intimacy began.

Both felt good in each other’s company. Grace’s youth brought out the built-up energy Dotun held beneath his skin.

Known around the neighbourhood for his thrice a week jog and a healthy eater too, Dotun’s vigour and capacities at meeting the sexual needs of a much younger Grace was boundless.

In fact, Dotun initiated Grace into how a woman should be loved. Grace adored him!

The changes in both lovebirds soon became noticeable.

Dotun’s gaits now have more bounce in them. His dressing are more casual and youthful. A lot of times, he left Grace to pick his wardrobe for the week.

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While Grace has always been beautiful and drew the attention of men and women alike, even Mr. Donald noticed his daughter’s happier mien.

Whenever she was in the bathroom, singing her love songs, he prayed for the day Grace will reveal to him, his son-in-law-to-be.

Since the Donalds have always been familiar faces around Dotun’s home, the neighbours saw nothing unusual between both. Moreso, Magodo is not a place you have nosy neighbours.

Nowadays, Dotun relieved his driver on the way and picks Grace at the bus-stand at the estate gate.

Sex was a la carte!

Dotun is urbane. Since he made up his mind not to remarry, and knew the trouble Lagos women could cause men like him, he had male contraceptive pills he took once every three days.

Grace getting pregnant was not his immediate worry, but he knew he was in love with her. The wider implications of that troubled him.

How would he overcome Mr. Donald’s objections? Would the man not feel he has exploited his vulnerabilities and betrayed trust?

But is a 27 year old Grace not old enough to decide who she wanted as her life partner?

Dotun was sure of one thing. He wanted Grace for keeps! Her permanent inclusion in his life is no longer debatable.

Grace is not just a beauty to behold, clothed or naked. Between her two ears, is a brilliant mind! Character is fused into her nature.

Dotun’s lawyer read Grace’s draft of the joint venture with her Dad and asked how his neighbour, that claimed not to have money could afford such a brilliant lawyer?

And when they were alone and he brought up his challenges, Grace always had insights and perspectives that Dotun found years above her age.

Grace also seemed clairvoyant! Whatever she said will happen, happened!

She also read people like a scanner and has warned Dotun twice on associates, that turned out true.

The two occasions she went with him onto his Lekki project sites, she caught his architect flat out lying. She also made observations on the flaws in the designs of the projects that made the architect ask if she had her background in interior design?

To Dotun, Grace is God-sent!

At 49 years of age and 25 years of running businesses and dealing with people, he knew Grace was a heavy carat diamond in the rough: a big jewel!

That night as they both cuddled in the lazyboy watching TV, Dotun asked Grace a question that has bothered him for weeks.

“Why did you choose me over the many options of potential partners you could have Grace”?

Uncle Dotun, Grace responded, “I have loved you since my Mum died over ten years ago”.

“Remember when you came to see us with your children after we buried Mum”? “And you promised to be there for us, and I wept so uncontrollably and you held me close for over 30 mins, even as I messed up your jacket with my tears and mucous”? Grace asked Dotun.

“Since that moment I prayed for a man like you. And that night, Mum appeared to me in a dream and was happy that I chose you as my comforter”

Grace’s maturity and gifting confounded Dotun. Many of his associates noticed same.

She was at ease asking him to teach her lovemaking. She similarly would guide him to how best to please her. This with her usual warnings of, “be careful not to kill me with too much pleasures o”.

Grace demanded little and lived frugally.

The day she handed Dotun her first salary in an envelope, he asked where she got the idea from? She responded, “that is what Mum did with Dad”.
Dotun loved her the more!

There are two major obstacles to overcome if Dotun is to live happily with Grace.

The first and most important is securing Mr. Donald’s approval and blessings.

The second, which saw as mere routine, was the acceptance of his own children, particularly Moręnikę his ever possessive first child in Florida.

Dotun’s mind set to work.

Mr. Donald chose to go to the village for the 9 months the construction of his new houses would take. While he accepted Dotun’s offer to allow his children the use of his home, as needed, whenever they are around.

Did Mr. Donald know anything was going on between Dotun and his daughter? Apparently he didn’t. He nearly had a mild shock, when he did.

Three months in the village, Uncle Ben, the same man, whose wise judgement got him Grace’s Mum, came all the way from Lagos (in a chartered Taxi!!) with gifts from the suitor to his beloved daughter.

Uncle Ben didn’t come alone, he came with his former boss that got Donald his land in Magodo.

Mr. Donald knew the daughter’s suitor must be someone that knew him and was desperate and respectfully awaiting his approval.

Between his Uncle and his former boss, the traditional rituals of announcement of intent was done. Eventually the identity of the suitor was revealed to him.

Donald heart slipped two beats not just one.

He was silent for over two minutes. Eventually, Mr. Donald had only one thing to say in a near whispers, “Now I can die a happy man”!

Everyone erupted in boundless joy!

Yes he knew Dotun was much older than his daughter, but by the culture of his people, a man like Dotun marrying his own Grace, is evidence that the God indeed is happy with him.

His decades of labour crowned with resounding blessings!

Now, he will even build himself a home, on his own land, in the village, and marry out his daughter therein, in the presence of all his scoffers!

Immediately, Uncle Ben put a call through to Dotun and announced the good news. He handed the phone to his nephew.

Dotun!, Mr. Donald croaked into the phone, his eyes teary, welcome home my son and brother.

May your laison with my daughter bring our families closer! May God bless her womb with children! Amen!

Dotun and Grace were overjoyed in Lagos.

Instantly, Dotun brought out the box of diamond engagement ring he’s hidden in his pocket all the whole, and turned to Grace with his right hand holding the ring.

The younger lady was teary and overwhelmed with joy, yet her fears were noticeable to Dotun.

Dotun probed why the mixed emotions? Was she not ready to marry him, he asked?

Grace clung to him and said amidst sobs. “I’m relieved Dad is supporting us, but I’m afraid sister Moręnikę will never do”!

“Sister Moręnikę had sworn to me, when we were teenagers, to die rather than share you with anyone”.

I don’t want to lose you, but i don’t want to be the reason for any friction between you and your children either.

The news hit Dotun like a slap! He thought Grace Dad was his major obstacle, not his own child?

Now he suddenly understood the reason behind his daughter’s hostile reactions to the few relationships he has had.

He had taken it as petty jealousy of a possessive lady. What Grace told him now is much deeper, and life threatening too.

How would he handle this?

He lifted up his Grace and carried her towards the bedroom. He told he reassuringly, “sweetheart, believe me, I’ll resolve this”.

“Meanwhile, prepare your heart, I will test it to the limit tonight”.

Love can’t be sweeter than this.

Dotun and Grace were virtually in bed the entire weekend, going only to the kitchen for refills.

To be continued. ..

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