The Father Of MohBad Discusses The Dream He Had Two Days Before His Son Passed Away.



The father of MohBad discusses the dream he had two days before his son passed away.

Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Ayoba’s father, Mr. Joseph Ayoba, commonly known as Mohbad, has shared the dreadful dream he had two days before his son’s passing.

The ‘Ko Por Ke’ singer passed away on Tuesday and was buried in Ikorodu the next day, to the sobs of his loved ones and others who shared his sympathies.

In an interview with an online blogger on Wednesday, the bereaved father described his relationship with the deceased artist as more of a friendship than a father-to-son one.

He also shared their recent interaction, claiming they had lunch together last Saturday after paying him a visit.

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” Mohbad is my friend. I called him Oladimeji (meaning my second) because I’m the only son of my parents. We were close. “The last day we met which was last Saturday, I went there (Mohbad’s house) and we dined together. When I was leaving he also gave me some money like he always did,” Mr Ayoba narrated.

Two days prior to Mohbad’s passing, I had a dream about Mohbad’s father.

He stated that he had a dream about him two days prior to the occurrence when describing his death foresight. I dreamed that someone was attempting to shoot me. I believed I had dodged the bullet, not realizing I would experience something similar.

He responded, “According to what I heard from people, though I don’t believe was that an auxiliary nurse administered him an injection, and that could have led to anything.” when asked what caused his son’s death.

Since his passing, condolences from friends, family, and coworkers have multiplied on social media.




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