The limit breakers worldwide is an umbrella of youths in Nigeria and diaspora and our mandate is to orientate our members (youths) on how to contribute their quota to the peaceful coexistence and development of Nigeria, under the prestigious leadership of Nixon Odimbu (President), Emmanuel Nneli (Fct Coordinator), Christian Gabriel Obi (Secretary General), Collins Michael (Financial Secretary), Andrew Daikwo (Provost), Abdulmalik Mohammed (Public Relations Officer1), Astra Dike(PRO 2). 

Our country has a long history of youth lead movement that brought about significant social change. 

 Nixon Odimbu

Young people have advocated for child labour laws, voting right, civil rights, school desegregation, immigration reform and LGB rights through their actions, the world has changed because young people often have the desire, energy ideas to do something about the injustice they see in the world, they are powerful agents for change. 
Our work in political activism examine implicit and all form of bias and discrimination, as a result, The Limit Breakers Worldwide often feels the responsibility to provide youth with the structure opportunity and tools to do something about the injustice we see in the world today. 
Transforming youths feelings of anger, sadness and hopelessness into concrete actions that can make the world better is a vital teaching opportunity. Voting Is one way to get your voice heard but there are a myriad of ways young people can make difference or be that difference that they have always wished for. 

Join the Limit Breakers Worldwide to be that difference. 


Collapsing The Impossible


The sustain ace of a conducive environment for the total development of the youth in the polity of Nigeria, and to prodigiously emancipate Nigerians From the Shackles of oppressors. 


To be loyal ambassador for change, maintaining unity and cooperation amongst Nigerian youths, Defining our ambition for a progressive society. 

The Limit Breakers Worldwide is the representative of all Nigeria youths, at home and in diaspora. TLBW has an operational working relationship with the international communities of peace ambassadors (ICPA) the activities of TLBW are carried out within the framework of its constitution these amongst other things are: To advocate/ensure proper representation of Nigeria youths at all time, to collaborate with other organizations for socioeconomic development in Nigeria and to constructively agitate for the welfarism of Nigeria youths at all time. 

Office Address; 

iGi House No.4 Gwani street, Wuse Zone 4 Abuja

+2348060463301, +2348066473737, +2348092236790, +2348107297552. 


The Limit Breakers Worldwide


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