The Truth Surrounding Governor Umahi’s Rumoured Defection




By Philip Nweze

Contrary to the ongoing rumour which indicates that the incumbent governor of Ebonyi state, David Umahi is eyeing the 2019 governorship seat, under the platform of APC and has in fact jumped ship from his Peoples Democratic Party, the governor has disclosed that he has no such intention.

The governor came out publicly to clear the air on the issue on Tuesday before commencing the weekly state executive council, at the EXCO chambers, Government House, Abakaliki.

Just like earlier, the rumour sprouted from the springboard of the governor’s closeness to President Muhammadu Buhari.

Apparently, there are persons within and outside the state that perceive the cordial and progressive relationship that exists between the Governor and the Presidency as inimical to their personal and political interests and aspirations, especially in the light of several national assignments that the Governor is successfully carrying out at the behest of the President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

Since it appears every dastardly attempt at souring the relationship between the State and the Federal Government has borne no fruit so far, they decided to feed the rumour mill with non-existent news of defection to APC just to sow confusion in PDP and upset the current political balance in the state. But without proof, this claim is instantly diminished before discerning Ebonyians.

The general public is hereby advised to disregard the report as it is totally false and does not have the slightest semblance of truth.

Despite the repeated rebuttal of this false report in the past, these vendors of untruth have continued to plant misleading information in the media about a false defection of Governor Umahi to one party today and another party tomorrow.

Nevertheless, we are not unaware that a major motive for the planting of these lies is to distract the governor from focusing on his job and consequently derail the steady and assured March of Ebonyi State to prosperity. So, we shall continue to rebut their malignant lies and save the populace from their corrosive influence.

We also advise PDP faithful, Ebonyi people and the general public to be mindful of any reports alleging that Governor Umahi has either decamped or is planning to decamp as it is nothing better than a false piece of irritating propaganda that should be ignored by responsible citizens.

This rumours are not ordinary. This is continuation of the battle of 2015. They have started again. The agenda of 2015 is still very much alive, and that agenda of 2015 was to destroy, rubbish and finish Umahi politically. The agenda was an agenda that was started pre-2015 and the same pattern, the same root is being followed.

The issue of defecting to another party should be discarded. The idea of going to All Progressive Congress should also be discarded, as the Governor is going nowhere near APC or Labour. Under no circumstances! We are the umbrella party and we will continue to be so.

Social media reporters and our disgruntled opposition politicians in the state are on to same agenda to destabilise PDP by words and actions. But we refuse to be defeated.




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