Things Every Man Should Have In Their Sexual Bucket List



Every single one of us needs a boost in our sex lives from time to time especially if you are in a long term relationship.

It is especially important to have this boost to help us know that we still have what it takes to reignite the fire in our relationships.

The best way to do this is to shake things up by starting a bucket list with all the sexy situations you want to try.

You’re free to steal any of our 8 ideas to boost your sexual life and reignite the fire between you and your partner. How quickly do you think you can check off all from your list?

Have Sex That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud
Bringing fun and laughter into your bedroom is important if you hope to have a healthy sex life. If you want the spark to come back, do something that seems silly at first such as having your partner guess the tune you’re humming during oral sex or explore with a lap dance.

The essence of this is not to perfect a new move but to have fun with your partner. So long as you are both comfortable, be silly and adventurous. This will bring you guys closer even if the technique you tried didn’t entirely give the desired result.

Get Kinky
Bring out the blindfolds and cuffs to get you and your partner in the mood. Look for noise cancelling headphones and try to have noiseless sex with your partner.

This can help you in ways you didn’t think possible by creating an OMG sexual experience for both of you. You can also switch roles while at it.

Do Everything But Have Sex
Can you remember how intense and emotional you feel when you make out for hours without having sex? That’s exactly what you need.

The intensity of kissing and touching can get lost in long-term relationships when you can easily go straight up to sex.

So, you may want to leave out sex and focus more on the foreplay. You will be surprised at how hot things can get.

Have “Slippery” Sex
There’s an intensity and hotness that comes with shower sex when done right. Ensure you have a lubricant handy since water can actually dry out your nether regions.

Have your partner soap you up, then do the same. When you’re both lathered up, bring out the lubricant and begin the action before rinsing off your body.

Have Sex In A Place You Might Get Caught
This is not to say you should go make out in the open, what we mean is going outside your comfort zone.

It could mean leaving your curtains open or doing it in your house when you know someone can burst in on you.

The idea that someone can walk in on you will definitely result in your adrenaline kicking into overdrive which will make you have a more intense sexual encounter.

Have Sex Just Because You Can
There shouldn’t be a reason for you to have sex. If you decide to do it just because you want to, can help you boost the bond between you and your partner on the long run.

Instead of having a timetable for it, you can just go ahead and have sex— even right now!

Sex can be a good way for you to get rid of tension and stress that accumulated during the day. Moreover, it will lead to more sex and once you start having spur-of-the-moment romps, it will most likely turn into a habit that will reignite the fire.

Have Sex All Day
You can do it all day by starting the day with Sexting. Start the anticipation in the morning by texting your partner about how hot and sexy they look and how much you’re looking forward to making out in the shower with them in the evening.

If anyone happens to stumble on your chat, they will only be jealous of your relationship not disgusted by what they saw. Try it and see how the sparks will be flying about by the end of the day.

Have “Eat Me Up” Sex
The best type of sex is the one that electrifies the senses and you can add something sweet and edible into the mix.

You can try honey or ice cream on the nipples and abdomen of your partners body. Try to avoid rubbing sweet things on the genitals to avoid getting an infection.

Take turns with your partner licking of the sweet things and enjoy the erotic feelings that comes with it.



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