Thousands Watch As China Executes 10 People For Murder, Robbery, Drug-Related…

Thousands of people, including students in their school uniforms, gathered to watch as 10 people found guilty of drug-related crimes by a court in China were sentenced to death and subsequently executed in a sports stadium.
The execution, which took place in Lufeng in southern Guangdong province, just 160km (100 miles) from Hong Kong, involved seven of the 10 persons who were convicted of drug-related crimes, while others were found guilty of murder and robbery.

Four days before the execution, local authorities invited residents to the sentencing through a social media notice.

The 10 accused persons were brought to the stadium on the back of police trucks with their sirens blaring, each person flanked by four officers wearing sunglasses.

They were brought one by one to a small platform set up on what is usually a running track to have their sentences read, according to video of the trial. Thousands watched the spectacle, with some reports saying students in their school uniforms attended.



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