“Tinubu Met Empty Treasury” – Yoruba Advocacy Group Attacks Buhari



"Tinubu Met Empty Treasury" - Yoruba Advocacy Group Attacks Buhari

Amid the successive protests staged in different parts of the country over the current economic hardship gripping Nigerians, an advocate of Yoruba self-preservation and development, Aare Kurunmi Kakanfo, has called for calm.

He stated that President Bola Tinubu’s administration inherited an empty treasury when it took over power last year.

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Some irate Nigerian youths gathered in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, on Monday to protest the skyrocketing price of food and economic woes afflicting the country under Tinubu’s watch.

The protesters, in the Mokola area of the state capital, reportedly wielded placards with various inscriptions such as ‘End food hike and inflation,’ ‘The poor are starving,’ and ‘Tinubu, don’t forget your promises,’ among others.

In a reactionary post he made on his verified X handle on Sunday night, the Yoruba agitator claimed that it was the cluelessness and bad mismanagement of Tinubu’s predecessor that led the country into economic comatose. He said, “Nigerian politics is not ordinary but vicious ethnic war games on a sophisticated level. It is winner takes all, no middle ground.

For eight years, Buhari and his CPC Islamic conservative bloc ruled Nigeria with Feudalism, and the country spiraled into economic comatose. Emefiele, another PDP opportunist, turned the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) into his pot of soup, dishing out dollars to his cronies.

Despite the failure of Buhari, the Islamic and political elites in the core North deemed it Haram for Muslims to protest.

As soon as Tinubu became the president, social media accounts and personalities that defended the failures of Buhari started attacking Tinubu, finding their voices again. “Suddenly protests were no longer HARAM? Allahu Akbar! This is why we need to understand power games and be careful so that we don’t fall into the traps of our mortal political enemies—the Zikists of the East, spreading fake news and fake videos to create anarchy in Yoruba land. Without the South-west, no protests can be successful in Nigeria.

Tinubu inherited an empty treasury and faced a hostile ruling elite ready to sponsor violence against him to destroy his government. Since 1949, Pa Awolowo has been advising Nigeria to have regional/state police, fundamental for security in any federal political arrangement. Tinubu is the only president since the amalgamation of Nigeria that has given full support for State police. The reforms are painful but will surely yield positive results.

Let us be patient; Nigeria will be led into a golden age by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu,” he stated.

Source-Nairaland Forum



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