Toblerone: Bar to revert to original shape



The 150g Toblerone featured larger gaps between its distinctive triangles

Makers of the Swiss chocolate bar, Toblerone, are to scrap its latest incarnation which saw wide gaps between its distinctive triangular chunks.

That version was introduced in 2016 to reduce its weight but drew criticism, with some likening it to a bike rack.

US-based Mondelez International said the new shape had not been a “perfect long-term answer” for its customers.

Now it plans to increase the current size from 150g to 200g and revert to making it in its traditional shape.

When the downsized version was first released, the makers blamed a rise in the cost of ingredients and said they had to make a decision between changing the look or raising the price.

But the new widely-spaced triangles in the lighter bar left fans feeling cheated.

On Toblerone’s Facebook page, Louise Bennett wrote: “After a busy day at work I decided to treat myself. I was super excited, until I opened it and discovered half of the pieces missing!”

And Scott Blackadder wrote: “I was eating mine today and lost my shoe. I found it in one of the gaps in my Toblerone.”

Asked whether falling sales were behind the return to the original shape, Mondelez said sales of the 150g bar increased after the shape was changed and 2017 was a “fantastic year” for Toblerone.

Manufacturing has now ceased on 150g bars, the firm added.

It is unclear what the retail price will be of the new 200g bar, due to be on the shelves later this year.

Toblerones also come in 100g bars, which retail at £1.63, and in 360g bars for £5.49.

On Friday, Mondelez, which owns Cadbury, said Dairy Milk bars containing 30% less sugar would go on sale from next year after the government challenged the food industry to cut sugar levels.




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