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Free Sex Is Not Free: A Warning For Guys – Sunday Akanni Moshood 

So a lady decide giving you an easy access to have sex with her, and you are feeling on top of the world? A woman keeps pestering you to become her sex mate, and you tell your friends “She fell for my swags, let me quickly take a bite”? 

Hold on! Free sex is not actually free! When you have casual sex with a woman not your wife, you are actually taking poison that can get you killed. 

Let’s see things from these two broad angles:

1. Sex is not meant to be free 

2. She is either giving you something or collecting something from you.

First things first… 

1. Sex Is Not Meant To Be ‘Free’: In other words, sex is not meant to be a ‘playing thing’ which you have with just anyone just for fun. And how did I know this? Simply because, the Creator of sex told me so! 

God created all things including sex, and He has the right to give instructions on how He wants humans to approach sex and sexuality. God, being the Manufacturer of sex, is in the best position to give a ‘manual guide’ for sex (since He is the Maker).

And the ultimate rule He has given for sex, which can be found inside the ‘Ultimate Manual Guide’ for life (which is the Bible), is that: ALL FORM OF SEXUAL ACTIVITIES MUST BE BETWEEN A HUSBAND AND HIS WIFE INSIDE THE SAFE CIRCLE OF THEIR GOD-APPROVED MARRIAGE, WITH NO OTHER PARTY INVOLVED

God has made sex a sacred thing that should be between a married couple so He could achieve certain purposes without issues. Look at things this way. God wants to use sex as an instrument that will ensure humans would continue to multiply and subdue the earth (Genesis 1: 28). Now, when a husband and his wife had sex and a baby was produced after some months, a celebration takes place! But when two unmarried people had sex and the lady get pregnant, it becomes a shameful thing which leads to abortion (murder).

Additionally, another divine purpose God had for sex is to continue enhancing the bond between a husband and his wife – because these things are His delight. So, just as you can’t handle gold and diamond just anyhow due to their value and essences, you shouldn’t approach sex just anyhow you like because of it divine purposes. 

Sex is not meant to be ‘casual’ and ‘just for fun’. It is a sacred act that should come with responsibilities – between a married couple. Sex is not meant to be ‘let’s just do it without emotional attachments’. Sex is not meant to be ‘free’

2. She Is Either Giving You Something Or Collecting Something: If you see a lady not your wife that is willing to allow you have sex with her, you should know she has a purpose for her decision. Yes, I’m aware some ladies are loose and addicted to immoralities. However, almost all females that chose to have sex with a man not their husbands, actually have mischievous intentions. 


A lady sent a mail to an online platform for women and she said some scary things. According to her, she recently contracted HIV from her boyfriend, and she swore to spread it to many other guys before she die. Can you imagine that! 

Guys, many ladies are living with STDs (including life-shortening viruses like HIV), and they are on a revenge mission of spreading the viruses around. To achieve their evil aims, they go about allowing different guys have sex with them, and they makes it easy for the guys to get. Hey guy, what if that your ‘new catch’ is only interested in ruining your life by sharing HIV with you? Think twice! 

How about spiritually? Not everyone you see around are ordinary human beings – many ladies are witches, belongs to the marine kingdom, working directly for satan. 

Many guys are suffering today because there are spiritual curses on their lives – problems that emanates from the spiritual realm (which manifests itself in the physical realm). These spiritual barriers are easily passed through sex. 

So, when you have sex with a woman not your wife, she will pass any evil covenant on her life to you. Those with evil spirits and powers will also use the medium to drop evil spiritual arrows inside your life. And even if she doesn’t have mysterious powers, as long as you have sex with a lady not your wife, you have sinned against God by disobeying His commandments, and you will sure be punished! 


Physically, a lady that allows you have sex with her could simply be interested in collecting your money, to ride on your reputation (especially if you are a famous person), or to simply collect your sperm with the intention of tying you (or another man) down with the pregnancy. So, is there really free sex? 

Most importantly, spiritually, a lady that will allow you have sex with her is likely working for the devil (she is a witch, belongs to the marine kingdom). She is only trying to collect and steal your glory and destiny (no wonder many guys keeps struggling vehemently).

When you commit a sin, you move away from God’s hedge of protection, and satan have the chance to manipulate your life and carry out his evil plans for humanity – to steal, to kill, and to destroy (John 10:10)

Please, take these things with seriousness. Take the things of the Spirit with seriousness. And if you have committed the sin of fornication, go on your knees and ask God for forgiveness. He will definitely restore you and all what you’ve lost in Jesus Name.



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