Tragedy As Father Kills Wife And Three Daughters Before Committing Suicide



Tragedy As Father Kills Wife And Three Daughters Before Committing Suicide

A father  has taken the life of his wife and their three daughters before taking his own life.

The tragic incident happened in Orlando, Florida.

Donovan Michael Ramirez, 45, is believed to have murdered his wife Stephanie Renee Ramirez, 39, and daughters Alyssa Berumen, 22, Sunny Ramirez, 11, and Shelby Rose Ramirez, seven, in a domestic abuse-related attack.

Police confirmed that they found a firearm at the grisly scene on Tuesday afternoon after they were called for a wellbeing check – but the cause of deaths of the tragic family have not yet been confirmed.

When officers arrived to the scene on Lake District Lane in Lake Nona, one of the cops on duty had to step outside after becoming sick because of the upsetting nature of the ordeal.

Friends and family of the victims laid flowers outside the home as classmates of 11-year-old Sunny paid tribute to their ‘caring’ friend last night.

Katelyn Rampersad and Amarie Padovani, both 11, attended Northlake Park Community School with Sunny – and said she was their ‘best friend’ who made them feel at home in Florida.

The motive behind the murder-suicides is not yet clear.

Orlando Police Department said: ‘At this time, it appears this is a domestic violence-related incident.’

One neighbor Heather Collins told WESH: ‘I think it’s like a worst nightmare truly. I don’t even know what happened exactly. My heart goes out to the family. I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around any of this, especially if there were family involved.

‘I didn’t hear anything, I wish I did. I definitely would have liked to have been that concerned neighbor that did something in this situation.’

Another local Jose Sanchez said that he would see the family out in the yard and that the neighborhood has never seen anything like this before.

He said: ‘See them out in the yard when I do my walks in the morning. Say hi, nothing out of the ordinary or anything strange. Shocking. First thing I thought was like about the kids, that’s the first thing you think is the poor kids, you know, small children.

‘Been here seven years in this neighborhood and first time we’ve seen something like this happening. You don’t know how to react, really.’ 

Dr. Lisa Spector, a mother whose daughter was friends with the two victims, said: ‘I wanted to honor this sweet, beautiful, young lady and her sister and her family.’

The investigation continues.



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