Transformation Of Mercedes Benz Logo Right From The Inception Till Date (Check Out) 



Transformation Of Mercedes Benz Logo: The Best Or Nothing
Mercedes Benz Logo It’s not just a logo it consists of a simple deception of a three-pointed star that it represents its domination of the land, sea and air. As its vehicles run in all the three environments. It was registered as a trademark, and one year on it was taken as the logo for cars For over a century Mercedes’s three-pointed star encircled into an orbit masterminds conservatism, reliability, first-class performance and breakthrough engineering.

Mercedes logo history

The first edition of the logo, the word “Mercedes” surrounded by an ellipse, appeared on cars manufactured by Daimler, its predecessor, in 1902. After a while, the company introduced a new brand logo in 1909 — the glorious star of three points. Technical Director of Deutz, Gottlieb Daimler, designed it. He drew this badge on a postcard, which he mailed to his wife as far back as in 1872, vowing that one day this image would become the symbol of a car giant.

The emblem was put into a circle with four little stars above the circumscription “Mercedes” on its bordure in 1916.

In 1926, after the merging of Benz and Daimler, which resulted in the inception of a new German automobile brand– Mercedes-Benz, the actual trademark was finally developed. It is a star of three pikes embosomed with a bordering with laureate wreath and the brand name on it, which still designates Mercedes cars. Since then the logo has experienced insignificant amendments, the bordering of laurel wreath morphed into an unpretentious circle.

However, the life journey of the brand started in 1926, when Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft merged with Benz & Cie, thus competition turned into a partnership, and the brand of Mercedes-Benz was born. It took its name after the daughter of an Austrian car-seller and racer Emil Jellinek.

By the end of the 1960s, the brand gained the worldwide recognition. In 1973, Mercedes-Benz was subjected to a test, as due to the oil crisis car sales keenly went down. But in response to such a situation the producer succeeded in the designing of the most reliable model series in the history of the brand — W123.

At the beginning of the 1980s, the company enters a new niche — the market of off-highway trucks, with its offroader Gelandewagen, which earned fame for its all-terrain and reliability. In 1999 another groundbreaking event for Mercedes took place: it bought AMG that had been its official tuning company. That permitted them to produce luxury modifications of some Mercedes series and to produce their own racing car — Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR.

This car manufacturer keeps producing flagship models of cars, tirelessly improving its advanced technology and stylish outside appearance, as “The Best or Nothing” is its slogan. This unrivalled miracle worker rules the world of automobile manufacturing turning the heads of other car makers and setting the high standard for them.

  • Do you want to know the meaning of the stars point? Have a look below.

– bottom-left: LAND

– bottom-right: SEA

– top: AIR

Mercedes-Benz manufactures automobiles, parts and accessories for use on Land, Sea and Air.

The Mercedes logo is as timeless and beautiful as its brand and machines.



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