Transforming Into A Woman Has Been An Uneasy Journey – James Brown



James Brown has said that “becoming a woman” has been an uneasy journey for him.

The cross dresser says he sometimes feels different from his old self.

He then added that he now has to bend to pee.

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The social media personality has been inconsistent about his gender identification. Sometimes, he claims he’s female, other times he says he’s a “drag queen,” and sometimes he insists he is fully male and his feminine persona is just for money making purposes.

When his sex tape with a woman leaked last year, he admitted being attracted to the opposite sex.

Speaking on ‘The Frankly Speaking Podcast’ in Sept. 2022, he admitted he has a girlfriend and that defining himself and his gender is more complex.

He said at the time, “I once told Tobi I don’t want to be a girl anymore. It goes back and forth.

“Sometimes, it doesn’t just sit nicely in your brain. Sometimes, I want to change to a girl, but other times I’m confused.”

He said there was a time he wanted to change his entire body and go for therapy.

“The thing is, I still don’t know yet,” he said.

"Becoming a woman has been an uneasy journey for me," James Brown laments


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