True Life Story:- A Big Lesson To The Youth(Must Read) 



True Life Story:- A Big Lesson To The Youth(Must Read) 

Big Lesson to the Youth Funke is 9-Months pregnant and her husband Bode cannot wait to be a father, if you do not know Bode before now, you will think his love for his wife started when she got pregnant.

Far from it, Bode has been like this since the day she said

YES to his proposal.

She can remember how he prepares breakfast a day after their wedding, she loved it but she thought it will not last.

Ever since that day, He has always wake up before her to prepare breakfast. No matter how busy he was a day before, or how busy the day will be, he always finds time to prepare breakfast before leaving for office.

The aroma of the soup awakens a heavily pregnant Funke from the bed, she walks to the kitchen to find her man returning the pot of egusi to it’s place.

“I am just making sure the taste is perfect for my baby,” he said as he moves towards his wife who only smiles at him. Before the smile goes off her face, her lips were met with a warm kiss ”

Good morning darling” he said to her as he rubs her stomach gently. “Good morning champion,” he says to the pointed stomach, without getting a response, he smiles and said to the stomach again “Do not disturb my darling ok, I love you, but I loved her first so I do not want disturbance Ok”. He rose up, kissed his wife again and then pick his suit which has been hanging at a corner in the parlor.

I am late already, I will call you when I get to the office ok,

Your food is in the dining, please eat on time today o! he said as he makes for the door. “Oh, I forgot to tell you that I love you so so much,” he said as he rushes out of the house.

Funke watched through the kitchen window as he raced to his car, “I know you are watching me!” Bode scream as he opens the door, “I will miss you too!” he concluded before jumping into the car. “I cannot wait for you to return!” Funke raised her voice in response, she smiled and waved him bye as the car drove off the gate.

She is indeed blessed with a loving husband, she remembered how they met, Bode was a quiet person, yet, a lot of girls flock around him, she liked him too but she never let it show. Despite all the girls, he chose her and she has been his only one till date. She cannot wait to have his first child. She sighed, she found herself still waving the car which by now might have gotten to its destination, she was lost in her thoughts, Do not blame her, blame it on the love.

Bode was lost in office work when his phone return him to reality, he has a special ringtone for his wife, he knows she is the one calling, he quickly shifted the file aside as he picks his call. “Hello beautiful,” he said, the recipient didn’t respond at first, “Hello baby are you there?” he asked, this time, “Yes baby, how are you?” Funke asked before he could respond, she continued: “Two men are here to see you, one Mr. Eze who also called himself the finisher and One Mr. Ola who said he is the Planner,” “WHAT!, How did they…Where did..Errrrrm…Baby, you know what?” Before he could say another word, the phone went off.

Bode jumped out of the chair, he was sweating seriously despite the Air-conditioned office, he grabbed his car key, run towards the exit door without saying a word to anybody.

Everyone who met him on his way out of the office knows something is wrong, they all know him to be a funny person, he always has a smile on his face. Right now, the smiles are no where to be found, a cloud of pain covers his face as he raced out of the office.

Immediately he parked his car, he jumped out, he raced into the house and found his wife in a pool of blood, she has been stabbed 4-times in the stomach, she has not given up, she was still gasping for air, the blood was sticky and black, she has lost quite a lot of blood. He pulled her up gently, she looked at him and gave a faint smile “I never knew you will bring me pain one day, I have never thought that you will be the reason for my death” she said as she gave up the ghost.

Tears rolled down his cheek as the memory of what he did while in school rushed through his head, he was a member of the deadly cult “Aunzuzu”, being the head of the group, he was to be killed at the end of his tenure, One way or the other, he was able to escape death, he flew before he was attacked and has since stayed away from anyone who knows his secret while on campus.

For Years, he has been able to stay away from his past, but today, his past has come to hunt him.

“Don’t let anybody deceive you…What ever a man sow that shall he also reap”

Say no to Cultism

Serving God in our youth will help us avoid many of the evils that bring sorrow and regret in old age, and prepare you for the “days of darkness” (Ecc.11:8) that will come.



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