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True Life Story:- Rags To Riches

From rags to riches, how I was able to make enough money to buy my own house when I was 23, without even having a degree!

Life is not fair! Some people are so privileged that they don’t have to work to be able to buy what they want. Others, like me, work our butts off to have money for food and rent. So if you are one of the ‘unlucky’ ones like me, things won’t change unless you do something about it. Those who have it all, don’t have to lift a finger – everything simply falls in their lap…

I know that very well because I was born poor. Things only changed about a year ago.

The typical story

My childhood wasn’t rosy – my parents were alcoholics and we were poor. Thankfully my granny took me in with her to live in Benin City. When I was 14, I took a job handing out fliers and working odd jobs as a courier. The money I earned never lasted very long.

After granny’s death I had to grow up fast. When I completed school there was no money to get a degree, so I really admired the spoiled rich kids who could afford to go to university in their Porsche that their parents gave them. They acted like they were so “cool”!

By then I already knew that MONEY RULES THE WORLD. I needed to get it!

So I went to the job center and saw people coming in offering various types of light work. However, the salaries they offered wasn’t much and would hardly be enough for rent and basic food items.

At last I got a job as a bricklayer. Can you even imagine what it’s like to work as a bricklayer? It is a terrible job and I hated it!

I was part of a team, we were kind of a brigade. So in the mornings we’d split up based on tasks and our foreman would always surf the net or read the newspaper.

“Look,” he once said to me, “look what they’ve come up with now: seems like now there are “platforms” and “tools” that you’d find hard to understand!! I don’t know WHAT they’re talking about!” Then he showed me the screen and I saw an article that clearly described certain financial tools taking Binomo’s platform as an example.

I said to him: “Hey, what’s so hard to understand? So I explained everything in the article to him, because I totally understand what the article was about!

Chima listened to my explanation, and said:
-So you’re saying that I don’t have to come to work at all – I can just work at home?
-Yeah! That’s what investors usually do,-I told him.
-I wish I could do that,-he said.-Then I would tell customers to use other bricklayers and I’d work from home.

And then it hit me: why haven’t I ever tried Binomo?

Before and After

Sure, I am no millionaire and I don’t live in a castle. I drive an old Ford Streetka and don’t go out clubbing and dancing.

However, I do good for myself: I rent a nice apartment on the outskirts of a safe area and I am able to buy myself nice things from time to time. But more importantly, I no longer feel like I’m a loser! My past doesn’t matter anymore, thanks to Binomo’s my life changed for the good!

Sure, I guess most people won’t believe me. I understand that it takes more to achieve success. But I’m still young and I only started. Watch me 5 years from now!


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Posted by:- on October 12, 2018.

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