University Of Abuja Is Giving Out One Sessional Scholarship (Must Read) 



University Of Abuja has set out an event by some group of students titled —Who will wear the crown of— “Mr & Mrs Valentine Uniabuja Invasion Vol 5.”

The organizers wants to set up a standard where by beauty pageant in university of Abuja,in Nigeria, African infact the world at large see that it is not all about promising and failing but that those words become a reality.

Mr and Miss Valentine Unibuja version, they are planning a seminar that is against low self esteem to make the event mire productive and successful, they want it to be presented by the queen and king of Valentine, So it can be an atmosphere for them to reach out to the students enabling them to discover more about themselves and not to just see education, reading and all of that as a major priority. They want to ensure the show stands out amongst others done before with so much that was not put to reality. And it’s gonna be free and fair with no partiality or favouritism involved.

This is the 5th time in history, University of Abuja is doing this; here comes an opportunity of becoming free from one year sessional school fees and as well as departmental fees just for a form of N4k….

Who knows?… You may be one of the chosen…..

Greatest Students of Uniabuja—Great!!! 

For more info; CALL ME (Mr Trilly)

Reporter; Miss Okala Olhi.



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